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Careers with Crown


Within New Zealand, Crown has over 300 full time employees operating from our network of eleven branches nationwide. We believe it's our people who make the difference and that having a great culture is what separates us from all others in our industry sector.

At Crown we do things a little differently. In order to achieve our goal of being an "Employer of Choice" we need to understand what our employees are thinking about the company. Every year we invite all employees to participate in an Enablement and Engagement Survey - we gather this feedback and act upon employee recommendations to ensure that our work environment is the best it can possibly be.

Our values can best be described as 'The way we do things around here'. They are our promises to each other and our customers. They describe the behaviours that underpin the success of our brand:

  • Determined: Determined to be the best we can for our customers, our colleagues and ourselves. Our hunger to find ways of improving all that we do, inside and out, is what gives us our edge in our market place.
  • Caring: We care about people. We care about their experience, their feelings, and their environment. Whether personal, local or the wider world.
  • Open minded: To lead the way we have to think differently. To overcome challenges we embrace them with open and inventive minds. Whether it’s using innovative techniques or adapting the way we work, we’re constantly thinking of new ways to achieve more for all.
  • There: We are truly ‘there’ for our customers and colleagues when and where they need us. We are attentive, with genuine interest and guidance.
  • Sharing: What is a network without knowledge? The physical infrastructure and the technology are mere carriers. The experience and the insight that is shared between people, offices and countries; that is the network. Sharing knowledge and experience is the platform for wisdom.

When you join Crown we consider it the beginning of your journey and it is our responsibility to provide an environment that enables you to achieve your career goals. We are an equal opportunity employer and recognise employee achievement based upon performance. We will work closely with you to understand your capability, and provide additional training to up skill and create pathways within our company. Our ultimate goal is always to promote from within.


Working within our Operations team is about enjoying being in the frontline, working with our customers and client organisations. Our network of branches offer operational roles in Moving Services, Records Management and Business Relocations.

All operational field roles have a career path, each employee has a six monthly review and can gain promotion through good performance and achieving company funded qualifications. For example a new Assistant Packer can move to Packer and then to Pro Packer status. Stores personnel and drivers can also achieve pro level status via our career framework.

Our Business Relocation Specialists gain promotion to Team Leader level through good performance and by achieving company funded qualifications.

We have created an Operational Employment Guideline to recognise the importance Crown places on building and maintaining a high standard of service.

This guide outlines operations pathways by linking training, development and achievement. Our objective is to retain our talented crew members through career progression.

Our on-going objective is to ensure that Crown’s operational leadership is visible, engaged and values led throughout their career with Crown. This is achieved as follows;

  • Improving each individuals knowledge and skills
  • Involvement in development & training opportunities
  • Sourcing regular feedback on their performance
  • Regular performance based remuneration reviews
  • Supporting career progression through our levels
If you are interested in finding out more please contact us.

SmartWork Programme

Crown SmartWorker

Experienced field employees can apply to become a SmartWorker - this industry leading initiative combines the advantages of working as a Business Owner with the security and additional benefits of being a full time Crown employee. SmartWorkers do not have a limit on their earnings - the smarter they work, the more they earn!

If you are interested in finding out more please contact us.

Business Management

Each of our fifteen Business Units has a Regional or Branch Manager with responsibility for all aspects of that business. These responsibilities include people management, profit and loss, procurement, administration, Sales Management and customer fulfillment. These management roles can involve hands on responsibility for Moving Services, Records Management and Business Relocations Divisions within their particular region.

If you are interested in finding out more please contact us.

Logistics Management

We have a range of opportunities in the specialist area of Logistics. There are supervisory level opportunities in Warehousing and Operations and we have specialist Regional Operations Trainers. Management and Supervisory positions are available in our Domestic and International Service Centres. Our branches also have Inbound Coordinators who deal with government agencies such as the Ministry of Primary Industry (MAF) and the New Zealand Customs Department.

If you are interested in finding out more please contact us.


Careers at Crown

Business Development

Our Business Development team are hunters, not farmers. Their role is to foster and develop long term, profitable business relationships and create value for our corporate clients. With over 5,000 corporate relocations per annum we have a significant share of the Business to Business market.

Residential Sales Consultants

With the backing of our distinctive brand and proven sales strategies our Residential Sales Team and Service Centre Consultants enjoy considerable success in the marketplace. Our sales programme is slightly different; it's all about building rapport and creating a difference. From the first point of contact with the Service Centre, through to our In-Home Residential Sales team, we employ a structured approach designed to delight our customers.

If you are interested in finding out more please contact us.

Move Managers & Coordinators

With our focus on delivering a superior service we have a number of career pathways within our Move Management Team. These roles are designed to ensure every customer receives a full measure of service and that we enhance their relocation experience. Within our branch network we have dedicated Customer Service Coordinators working one-on-one with each customer. We also have a team of dedicated Account Managers working closely with our major corporate clients and Key Accounts.

If you are interested in finding out more please contact us.

The Engine Room

Engine Room

Every successful business relies on the people in the Engine Room. This is the team that provide all of the necessary resources for our branch network to operate. Our Head Office Services team provide financial and accounting support, information technology expertise, marketing support, Quality Control, insurance management services and Human Resources support.

If you are interested in finding out more please contact us.

Training and Development

Crown university

Within Crown we believe that first impressions are the most important ones, therefore you start your journey with a formal orientation programme incorporating classroom style induction, specialist training and on-line courses at the Crown University.

If you're working in Operations you enjoy regular training with our Regional Operations Trainers, you will participate in on-line Driver Safety training, the Crown Touch training programme and Health and Safety training. You can achieve company funded qualifications in addition to individual training and development.


Our Sales teams are involved in weekly Sales Meetings where performance indicators are tabled and specific training provided. Each Sales Consultant also receives regular visitations and one-on-one engagement with our National Sales Trainer.

In addition we have two National Sales Conferences a year where an exciting agenda is delivered by our industry leading training team. These conferences also enable our Sales Consultants an opportunity to network and share experiences with their peer group.

All employees have individual training plans developed in collaboration with their direct manager. Employees have access to internal and external training courses and personal development programs. In addition we facilitate regular review meetings to discuss Key Performance Indicators and progress.

Benefits and Recognition

Business Management

There are many benefits enjoyed by Crown Employees. We reward extra effort and achievement through various bonus and incentive schemes. Our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) offers personal counseling support for those experiencing personal or professional difficulties. We provide paid volunteering opportunities for those wishing to help a charity or participate in an environmental activity. All our full time staff enjoy (after a qualifying period) an Insurance Benefit package which includes Income Protection, Life Insurance and a Trauma lump sum payment. Each location provides free employee car parking and a structured long service rewards and recognition programme.

Have you ever been Badged? At Crown we have numerous ways for employees to be recognised for their efforts. We can even badge each other online. We also acknowledge excellence via our Quarterly High Achievers Awards and also recognise employee contribution in our HR Employee Newsletter

Finding a job with Crown

So you're keen to move forward and start a career with Crown? Please fill in this confidential application form (PDF) and send it to - you can also attach your CV and a cover letter - a member of our Human Resources team will make contact with you.

Alternatively please go to and search for Crown to see our current vacancies.


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