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tracking your shipment

Tracking your shipment

Tracking your Move

All of Crown’s worldwide facilities are linked by a common communications and operating system which is unique within the industry. This IT investment means that we can create one seamless electronic file when we first meet you and that file accompanies you for the lifetime of your relocation.

Our tracking system is unique because we populate each file with all of the logistical details about your move in 'real time' and even better provide you with a unique password so you can view the same information we have.

We understand that a successful relocation is always reliant on great communication. So we've made sure that at any time during the relocation process you'll be able to access details of your shipment and know exactly where located. This is especially important when moving overseas and you need to see if important documentation like customs clearances have been completed.   

If your move is currently under Crown management, you can track your shipment using our online tracking portal.

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