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Why choose Crown for your long distance move?

Why choose Crown for your long distance move?

Moving house is generally acknowledged as one of the three most stressful things in our lives; it goes like this death, divorce then moving. One of the primary issues you face is how to choose the right mover. The emotional and financial consequences of getting it wrong can live with you forever. After all it’s not just about logistics, equally important is the sentiment and affection you attach to your personal effects. There are so many factors to consider.  

One of the big things you will notice about Crown is that we do things differently. In July 2005 we made a significant change and discontinued our line haul trucking operation. We could no longer ignore the environmental and social cost of operating long distance trucks in comparison to the rail alternative. This decision was a game changer in so many ways. Today we are proud to report that Crown are taking over 5000 truck journeys a year off New Zealand’s roads. Other positives include less highway repair costs, less congestion, less road accidents, less road rage and less noise pollution. 

Crown’s containerised rail service ticks all the boxes. We now have a fleet of our own containers all fully lined and batoned, just like the inside of a truck. The scheduled rail service is incredibly reliable compared to a trucking operation. The security of having a sealed container for the entire journey gives comfort to our customers. Trucking companies will generally offload or ‘tranship’ to another vehicle or another company during a long distance journey. This practice increases the potential for damages, lost items and theft.

Our operational crews are the heart of our business. They are uniformed, security cleared by the Ministry of Justice and trained to international standards. They will ‘tube pack’ crystal, ornaments and high value glassware to ensure full protection. Lounge suites, mattresses and other soft furnishings are bagged so they aren’t soiled in transit. Our special television cartons are designed for big screens so there is minimal chance of damage. Stainless steel fridges and leather furniture are internationally wrapped along with other items that require extra care. Another key point of difference is that we inventory everything that leaves your home and check it in at the other end, to ensure nothing is missing.

If you need storage you can be assured that Crown’s facilities are the very best in the industry. Your effects will be secured in special custom built storage modules which prevent condensation. All our warehouses have regular security patrols and restricted access during daylight hours. Anything unloaded into store is inventory checked both into and out of the facility. For short term storage we will leave your effects in the container and deliver it direct to residence. This means no additional handling which minimises the potential for damages. 

When it’s time for delivery our crew check everything off the inventory, place the furniture in designated rooms, reassemble beds and unpack all cartons to a flat surface. We also remove the waste packing materials for reuse and recycling. In the event you would prefer to unpack yourself we can return later to collect the debris. It’s all part of the service. Immediately after delivery you will be contacted by our Customer Services team for a full debrief. Any on-going issues or concerns will be resolved and signed off before we close your file.

Taking out transit insurance is something we recommend. While we take every precaution to safeguard your possessions, we cannot protect against unavoidable or unforeseen circumstances. Our Crown Care Insurance Plan is the most ‘user friendly’ in the market. It is a specialised cover, not an extension of a household contents policy. This means everything is covered for full replacement value not depreciated value. We recommend the ‘Lump Sum’ option; it requires minimal paperwork, is cost effective and covers everything. The best thing about Crown Care is that we manage the policy ourselves. In the unlikely event of a claim there are no insurance agents involved.

There’s so much more to Crown than you would expect. We use the term GLOCAL to describe ourselves. We combine the scale and expertise of a global network with our passion and commitment to the communities we serve. We are proud supporters of the Salvation Army. Our recent ‘Big Sallie Surprise’ fundraiser contributed 94,000 cans of donated food and over $45,000 in donated product to their food banks. Annually our customers donate over 4000 cartons of tinned food, books and DVD’s to the Sallies. These are collected by Crown and delivered to the food banks and family stores.

Caring for the environment is another positive surprise for our customers. I’ve told you about the switch from road to rail but this is just the tip of the iceberg. You may have noticed our bright red Toyota hybrid cars, they’re hard to miss. We have over 20 of these vehicles, which achieve a 70% reduction in fuel consumption. In 2013 we introduced the industry’s first hybrid trucks. Recently we entered into an environmental partnership with ‘Keep New Zealand Beautiful’, a charitable trust dedicated to waste minimisation and the beautification of NZ. The focus for our branch ‘Green Committee’s in 2014 is all about cleaning the beaches and coastline.

Of course you may not think these things aren’t important but I beg to differ. When you choose Crown you will be dealing with a professional company that care about you, your feelings and your personal effects. Most movers will ‘sell’ you a positive experience but once you’ve signed the contract and paid your money things quickly deteriorate. Our goal is to delight our customers. In the unlikely event you have a concern with Crown I can assure you the focus will be on putting it right not reading the fine print. We are passionate about the Crown Experience and invite you to choose us and find out why we are considered the very best in the business.

Written by James Logan, Country Manager of Crown Worldwide (NZ) Ltd  

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