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World Mobility Services

Moving is not only exciting but also ranks as one of the most stressful and challenging times we can put ourselves through. The physical disruption of moving is intertwined with the life changes that are necessitated by relocating to another country. Crown’s World Mobility Services Division provide a complete range of Departure and Settling In Services. These services are designed to alleviate stress, minimise relocation costs and contribute to a positive relocation experience for our customers and their families. We have over 50 years experience in delivering these services to and from most worldwide locations.

These following services and many others are available at most Crown offices throughout the world.

Settling in Tips


Moving to another country can bring with it significant cultural adjustments, important new decisions to be made and administrative tasks to be performed. Crown is uniquely placed to provide information on such topics as climate, culture, cost of living, banking, transport, health, community services and many more.

Our Settling in Tips will answer many of the questions you will have surrounding your new home location and in turn will assist you and your family in settling. Find Settling In Tips for Africa, Australia, Central America, East Asia, Europe, Middle East, North and Central America, South America, South Asia and Southeast Asia

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Home Find

Moving Expert

Over many years Crown have established business relationships with the leading Real Estate companies at major world destinations. Our ‘Home Find’ service facilitates the sourcing of suitable housing options (upon arrival) as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

This service typically involves the provision of quality information and advice on housing conditions, availability and pricing prior to arrival. Once you have arrived we arrange conducted visits (generally 2-3 days) to a shortlist of available homes that match your criteria. Our professional consultants explain the merits of each property taking into account school zoning, local community facilities etc.

Once a suitable property has been determined your Relocation Consultant will assist with the most cost effective negotiation of the lease and/or purchase price. Get in touch for more information

School Search Service

Moving Help

As a specialist relocation company, we understand that the primary concerns of parents who are relocating will be centered on the needs of their children.   With Crown professionals living and working in more than 250 cities throughout the world, Crown is well placed to offer accurate information on the local education system in the destination location, to identify schooling requirements, provide in-depth information on all available education options and then coordinate school tour(s), explain testing and interview requirements, and assist with the application and enrollment into the selected school.



Our programs typically include:

  • Pre arrival needs analysis
  • Overview of education system
  • Coordination of school appointments
  • Assistance with enrolment process (where required)
  • Fee guides and prospectus copies.

Contact us for more information

Orientation Tour

Moving Home

This is an organised Tour typically completed upon arrival at the new location although in some instances an Orientation Tour is arranged prior to the physical relocation. Each Tour is tailored to meet individual needs and address specific questions and concerns about the new environment. A typical Tour would include local schooling and housing options, banking, transportation system, sports clubs, medical facilities, leisure activities and other specific interests. Visit our Orientations Tour page for more information and contact details 

Tailored Relocation Service

Furniture Moving

In many instances our customers require a combination of support services that can include elements of the Orientation Tour, School Search and Home Search programmes. In these circumstances our consultant will conduct an initial Needs Assessment with a customer and then prepare a tailored package of services specific to their situation. This method is very cost effective as the provision of services can be linked to a budget and the programme planned to exact requirements. Visit our Relocations Services page for more information

Foreign Exchange

There are many things to consider when moving overseas and transferring your money is one of them. Crown has entered into a partnership with NZForex to provide an easy, reliable and cost effective solution for clients who are moving their funds internationally. NZ Forex are members of the OzForex Group, a respected market leader who have been providing foreign exchange services since 1988. They have over 150 staff across 6 continent and specialise in on line foreign exchange services to both individuals and corporations. They currently service over 100,000 clients a year in 50 countries. Visit the NZ Forex site for more information

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