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Moving to Perth, Australia

Are you moving to Perth, Australia?

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As the capital of Western Australia, Perth is said to have more sunny days per year than any other Australian city. Although being Australia’s fourth most populated city, Perth is tucked away from the rest of the country. Situated on the Swan River, with the Indian Ocean to the west and Darling Ranges to the east, Perth offers a relaxed outdoors atmosphere and a strong beach culture.

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If you’re looking to move to Perth to live and/or work then it’s required to secure an Australian visa of some sort. There are a number of different types of visa available to expatriates – to find out more about what you may be eligible for, visit the Department of Immigration and Border Control website.

It is now mandatory to complete a skills assessment form when applying for a visa of any kind. The skills assessment form requires personal information, based around work experience and qualifications, these forms can be found on the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website (DIAC). 

However, if you are a New Zealand citizen then there is no need to apply for a visa on arrival to Australia – you will automatically be granted a Special Category Visa (SCV). An SCV allows you to live and work in Australia indefinitely. 

However, the SCV is still a temporary visa and does not grant the holder the same rights as an Australian citizen or permanent resident. New Zealand citizens are no longer automatically entitled to permanent residency, and to apply for this you must go through the DIAC. 



The Australian Dollar (AUD or $A) is the official currency in Australia. One dollar is divided in to 100 cents. Coins come in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50 cents and 1 and 2 dollar coins. Notes come in $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100. 

When it comes time to convert your money to Australian dollars, there are a number of options available to you. It’s highly advised not to deal with cash or travellers cheques when looking to switch currencies – banks are known to charge high conversion rates when dealing with cash. Therefore, it’s advised to use an online transferal company such as OZFOREX, who charge a much cheaper rate. People have been known to save hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars using this means of conversion.

It’s also advised to open an Australian bank account before arriving in the country. This makes it easier for your converted money to be transferred directly in to your account and subsequently lowers the fees involved with the process. Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, ANZ and NAB all offer easy online sign-up services for people looking to set up bank accounts without being in the country yet.



Australian drivers use the left hand side of the road and operate right-hand drive cars. Speed limits in Perth range from 50km/h in suburban areas to 100 km/h on freeways or highways.

If you have moved to Perth with a valid driver’s license from your home country, and are holding either a; tourist visa, temporary work visa or you are a resident with a student visa, then you are able to keep your overseas license. Note that if your original license is not in English then you must carry a certified translation.

Australia is subject to International Driving regulations – which mean that the acquisition of an International Drivers Permit or license allows overseas drivers to continue driving in Australia without further tests or applications, provided that a current drivers license is still held. More can be found out about International Driving Permits from The National Roads & Motorists’ Association  website.

However, anybody holding a permanent visa for Western Australia must apply for a local license within three months of driving in Perth.

When applying for a Western Australia drivers license, you may need to pass a series of tests depending on the nature of your overseas license and driving history. To find out more about obtaining a local drivers license visit the Western Australia Department of Transport page.

Perth has an extremely reliable public transport system, comprised of buses and train services under the name ‘TransPerth’. For more information including bus and train timetables visit the TransPerth website.


Public and private schools are of a high standard in Perth, although Western Australia ranks lower than Victoria and New South Wales in top ranking institutions, expatriates still agree that the standard of education is extremely satisfactory.

Deciding which school for your children to attend will depend on the area in which your house is located. Children attend the public school that is in their “zone” or local area. 

As well as public education, there are also private institutions available across Perth. Private schools are most often Catholic, or Christian-based. There are also a few international schools available. 

Schools in Perth run on a four-term schedule: Term 1 typically goes from late January through mid-April, Term 2 from late April to early July, Term 3 from mid/late-July to late September and Term 4 from mid-October through mid-December.

Transport available to school students will vary depending on the location of the school and home. Independent schools most often run their own bus systems. Most teenage children use the public bus and train services to get back and forth.

Crown Perth are able to arrange an appointment with a consultant to provide an in-depth explanation of the local education systems if required. 


Perth, like the rest of Australia, has access to very high standards of medical care – both public and private. 

Medicare Australia is the government agency responsible with supplying medical services to the Australian public. Medicare covers all costs of public clinics and consultation fees for general practitioners as well as specialists. However, Medicare does not cover dental costs, elective surgeries, glasses, private hospital stays and ambulance services, and for these reasons almost 50% of Australians also choose to take out private health insurance as well as being enrolled for Medicare. 

New Zealand citizens living in Australia automatically qualify for enrolment to Medicare, and they are also automatically entitled to free emergency hospital care. However, if they do not enrol in to Medicare then they are generally charged with the full cost of doctors visits. To enrol for Medicare services please visit them .

If the insurance company you were with in your home country is a member of the International Federation of Health Funds, you may be able to transfer your policy to Australia without penalty -- at a similar level of cover. Check with your insurance provider for details.


When it comes to choosing a place to live in Perth, the deciding factor for many expatriates is their budget, as well as how much commute time they will be facing for schools and work. The excellent highways in Perth means that people working in the CBD do not also have to live there, an efficient road system means that commuters do not face extended time stuck in traffic on the way to/from work.

Perth has a variety of features that may appeal to different people. Geographically, beaches and rivers surround Perth, and many people take advantage of the opportunity to live in these places. Popular suburbs close to the beach and river include; Rossmoyne, Cottesloe, Dalkeith and Applecross. Freemantle, North Coogee, Hamilton Hill and Beaconsfield are popular with arts and cultural enthusiasts, as these areas boast a recognised range of art exhibits, restaurants and regular markets.

House prices have notably increased in Perth as of late and apartment prices in the CBD have also seen a notable rise.Many expatriates choose to rent their accommodation in Perth, this is due to the high taxes, that are placed on purchasing rental properties in Western Australia. There are some restrictions in place when it comes to non permanent residents buying property in Australia, for more information about this please visit the Foreign Investment Review Board website. When organising a property to rent, landlords typically ask for four to six weeks rent in advance before the collection of keys. There is also a security deposit or bond to be paid before moving in.

For more information about renting a property in Western Australia, please visit


It’s more common for migrants to Perth to integrate in the wider, local community rather than into close-knit groups. However there are special newcomer groups which new residents are able to join.

Families are often involved in networking through their children’s schools; through sports, fundraisers and other activities.

Perth’s unique environment means there a range of different activities to get involved with, and many chances for social interaction with people from all walks of life. With a notable, pubs and bar environment, people are always out looking to socialise. There are also several reputable singles networking services, who arrange weekend activities, restaurant dinners and sightseeing.

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