Moving to New Zealand

Moving to New Zealand

Moving to New Zealand

Ever dreamed of living in a country surrounded with natural beauty? With a laidback lifestyle and relaxed environment no matter where you go? Every year, thousands of people decide to turn this dream into a reality and move to New Zealand.

From the picturesque South Island landscapes, to modernised living in Auckland, or to the creative culture of Wellington, Crown can help you move to any corner of New Zealand. If you are migrating or returning home, we can help make your transition as smooth as possible thanks to our customer-first approach to doing business.

At Crown, we realise that moving home is much more than just the shipment of your items from A to B, and that there are many other things that need to be considered to ensure a successful transition. As well as the physical relocation of your household goods, we also offer you help with immigration, settling in to your new environment and finding potential schools for your children

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Moving with Crown Relocations

Our company’s Worldwide Quality Program prioritises customer needs and ensures they receive top quality service every step of the way. Our Packing Techniques have been tried, tested and perfected and seen thousands of containers moved successfully every year. Our workers on the frontline embody our unique set of brand values and way of doing things. 

When it comes to move your furniture and valuables to New Zealand, we have a number of different options available: 

  • Shared containers are a popular choice, and often used for small shipments of items. These containers are often shared with other Crown customers and are very cost efficient, as you only pay for the amount of space you use.
  • For things you just can’t live without, we provide an Air Freights service, which is the quickest method of international transportation. 
  • Sole-Use Shipping Containers are most often used for full house loads, and ensure a quick relocation.

Your items will be wrapped and packed by our team of workers who comply with internationally recognised standards. All quotes are for a full door-to-door service, and include shipping, the AQIS Inspection Fee (which a lot of companies exclude) and delivery to your new home. If you also need assistance with the relocation of vehicles or pets.


Where to from here?

  •   To arrange a quotation, free phone our office on 0508 227 696, 
  •   Get an online ‘Ballpark’ estimate 
  •   Complete our Home Visit request form
  •   Or, get a Full quote for your relocation

To convert your money to Australian dollars the cheapest and most reliable way, check out our guide for Moving Your Money.


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