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Settling In Services

Crown Relocations provides a complete programme of cost effective services to assist families settle into their new location. It’s very easy to get caught up in the logistics of a relocation and not attend to the emotional impact a relocation can have on families. These services are designed to minimise stress and enhance the relocation experience.

While Settling In Services are primarily provided to company employees on transfer there are a growing number of private movers taking up the offer of settling in support.

Crown have their own dedicated team of specialist relocation consultants strategically located around the main centres. Their role is to work on an individual basis with relocating families and assist them to identify their housing and education needs, get quickly into permanent accommodation and minimise the cost of a prolonged period of upheaval.

Orientation Tour

Auckland Mover

This is an organised Tour typically completed upon arrival at the new location although in some instances an Orientation Tour is arranged prior to the physical move. Each Tour is tailored to meet individual needs and address specific questions and concerns about the new environment. A typical Tour would include local schooling and housing options, banking, transportation system, sports clubs, medical facilities, leisure activities, shopping centres and other specific interests. Find out more

School Search

Finding School

We understand that when moving most customers primary concerns are centred around the needs of their children. The School Search programme is tailored specifically to each families individual needs and circumstances. A School Search involves a pre arrival assessment followed by a half or full day visit upon arrival at the destination. It includes a full overview of the education system, in-depth information on available education options and an introduction to appropriate schools. Find out more

Home Find

Help with Moving

This service facilitates the sourcing of suitable housing options quickly and cost effectively upon arrival. It involves the provision of information and advice on housing conditions and prices prior to arrival. Once there we arrange conducted visits (generally 1-2 days) to a shortlist of homes that match your criteria. Our consultants explain the merits of each property taking into account school zoning, local community facilities etc. Once a property is found assistance is available to negotiate the lease and/or purchase price on favourable terms. Find out more

Tailored Relocation Service

Furniture Moving Wellington

In many instances our customers require a combination of support services that can include elements of the Orientation Tour School Search and Home Search programmes. In these circumstances our consultant will conduct an initial Needs Assessment with a customer and then prepare a tailored package of services specific to their situation. This method is very cost effective as the provision of services can be linked to a budget and the programme planned to exact requirements. Find out more

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