Moving your Money

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Moving your Money

Transferring money online There are many things to consider when moving overseas and transferring your money is one of them. Crown has entered into a partnership with NZForex to provide an easy, reliable and cost effective solution for clients who are moving their funds internationally.

NZ Forex are members of OzForex Group, a respected market leader who have been providing foreign exchange services since 1988. They have over 150 staff across 6 continents and specialise in on line foreign exchange services to both individuals and corporations. They currently service over 100,000 clients a year in 50 countries.

Special Tip

The deals offered by NZForex are at super competitive exchange rates and in most cases there's no fee. The cost structure is so good that the saving you make may even pay for the entire cost of your relocation. 

Here's some more information about working with NZ Forex;

  • NZForex is a registered financial services provider with an on line platform that uses the highest level of security and data protection.
  • NZForex do not handle cash, credit cards or cheques. They are strictly limited to foreign exchange contracts and international money transfer services.
  • The NZForex dealing team operate 24 hours a day to secure the best deals and provide up to the minute advice.
  • Setting up and completing transactions is very simple and quick. It is all completed on line with none of the hassles of dealing with your bank and paying exorbitant fees.
  • This service is available to anyone moving internationally either into or out of New Zealand. You don't even have to be moving houses as you could be purchasing a holiday home or paying an overseas invoice.
  • Transactions start from $2000 and you can book a deal in less than 10 minutes. The OzForex Group had over US$8 billion in transactions last year.

Follow the 3 easy steps and you will be up and running in minutes, click here to find out more

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