Hello and Welcome to Crown!

You'll make friends everywhere! And it does not matter what country you come from or what language you speak. Other kids will be looking for new friends, too.

Lauren aged 9 and Gabriella aged 7, moved to the UK.

Hello Kids

Moving is a big job - whether you are moving near or far it can be an emotional time for you and your parents. We are here to help! We have plenty of tips on how to make your move easy and fun.

There will be a lot of changes for you and your family. Moving to a new house you will have a new room, new neighbours and plenty of new things to explore. You may even have a new school and lots of new friends, sounds exciting doesn't it!

Presents from crown to you!

Someone from Crown will visit your family to talk about your move. They will give you really cool presents such as: rugby balls, address books & stickers, Crown Lions & Truck Boxes to pack your special items into.

If you are moving overseas we have some really cool kids Moving Guides. They can tell you about your new country and were written by kids for kids moving in from other countries . Every moving guide has stickers and the best tips for things to do & places to explore.

How can you help your parents?

Moving is a busy time & there is so much to do & where do you start? We are sure your parents would love your help! Ask them "What can I do to help?"

A great way to help your parents is to keep your room tidy. Be organized and keep your toys, books & clothes in the same place that way your items will be packed together. Ask your parents if they would like for you to pack some of your stuff into boxes & label.

Crown will give you a special truck box to pack your stuff into

If there are toys or clothes that you don’t use anymore Crown can collect them and take them to the Salvation Army for you, they will be given to other kids who need them. This will help your parents as it is less stuff for you to move. If there are some things that you want to keep with you rather than being packed away you should put them aside before your moving day.

When the moving truck arrives at your house it will be really exciting but you must remember your parents might be stressed out. It is probably a good idea to keep out of the way by being at school or playing at a friends house.

Special Tip!

Don't forget to get the phone numbers & addresses (email address) of all your friends so that you can keep in touch. You could write them all down in the "My Address Book" from Crown.

Moving In is fun

There will be a lot of stuff to get done when you arrive at your new house. The truck will arrive and the Crown team will be there putting furniture into the right rooms and unpacking your boxes. Your house might look a little messy for the first few days but your parents will be busy making sure everything looks great.

You can help by unpacking and putting away your toys, books & clothes. Once this job is done there will be plenty of time to explore and play.

Kids Connection, Crown's Website just for kids can be found at www.crownrelo.com/kids. Here you can learn all about your move, read moving tips, enjoy activities and games & email Leon, the Crown Lion.


Here at Crown we have special Kid's Destination Guides written by kids for kids. They are available for most countries in the world and have been written as school projects to assist kids like you who are moving to a new country. Ask your mum or dad to get a free Kid's Guide for the country you are moving to from the Crown people. Here's what some of those kids are saying....

“The Science Museum is a fun place where children can see dinosaur bones and play games. You will learn a lot of things”

Claudia aged 10 moved to Hong Kong.

“People can climb the Harbour Bridge. Ferries go under the Harbour Bridge and lots of other boats. You can drive across or you can take the train across.”

Lillian age 9 moved to Australia.

"I like swimming in Australia. There are many places to play in the water.”

Madelyn age 5 moved to Australia.

“Sydney’s Taronga Zoo has a great view of the Sydney Harbour. Go there to find your favourite animal!”

Adam, age 8 moved to Australia.

“Vegemite. A lot of people don’t like it, but you won’t find an Australian who doesn’t.”

Serene, age 8 moved to Australia.

“The weather in Indonesia is very hot. That is why we use hats and other stuff that protect us from the heat of the sun."

Anisha, Grade 3 moved to Indonesia.

“One thing you can do is swim. It is fun to swim on sunny days."

Forrest, Grade 3.

“The foods in Indonesia are very tasty and it makes you want to eat. The chickens and ducks are very yummy!”

Clara Kusno, Grade 3.

“Sometimes we go to Odiba on the weekends, thhey have a huge ferris wheel and we go for rides”

Maya age 6 moved to Japan.

“In France a lot of people eat at restaurants and even likes snails, frog legs and cheese!"

Bridget moved to France.

"My parents were really cool when we moved. It was fun and exciting when we got there!"

Ethan aged 9.

Crown Relocations would like to thank all the children that have written to us to share their moving experiences!

Here are some cool books to read