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COVID-19 Alert Level Update

A message to all customers, service partners and suppliers

COVID-19 Update: 14 September 2021

The wellbeing of our customers and people is our top priority. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Auckland will remain at Alert Level 4 until 11.59pm, Tuesday 21st September.

The rest of New Zealand is in Alert Level 2.

Alert Level 4

What this means is that there is a ‘lock down’ in place. Auckland is expected to isolate, stay at home, only make physical contact with those they live with and only venture out for groceries and fresh air. There are strict border controls in place and only ‘essential services’ operating.

Crown New Zealand’s household relocations, workspace services and world mobility businesses are not considered ‘essential services’. We fully support the government’s actions, which are designed to eradicate COVID-19 and save lives. To achieve that we must all act together.

For those customer with containers coming in from overseas, your personal effects are in safe hands. We are still operating our inbound container collection service from the ports to our approved transitional facilities. The flow of these containers into and out of the country is considered an ‘essential’ component of the national supply chain. Your household effects will be MPI inspected and then unloaded into our stores until the ‘lock down’ restrictions are lifted. At that time we can customs clear and deliver to your new residence.

For any customer stuck in transit (by this lock down) we unreservedly apologise for the inconvenience. If required we will assist you to source well priced, furnished apartment or motel style accommodation in any of the main centres. We have an established network of accommodation providers and your Move Coordinator will call around (on your behalf) and locate one that works for you. There is no charge for this service and Crown do not take commissions from landlords or providers.

We are expecting a very busy time when Auckland emerges from the lock down. Our staff are still fully engaged, (working from home) and all communication channels are operating normally. Our virtual home offices are linked through Microsoft Teams, and Crown’s worldwide operating system(s). We are essentially operating our business ‘as usual’ in a safe, compliant and responsible manner. For those who want firm quotations we have ‘face to face’ video – WIFI surveys, not physical home visits. All you need is a smartphone or tablet and a WIFI connection. Your surveys will be conducted by our trained New Zealand staff who will then send you a service proposal.

As this is a fluid environment please don’t hesitate to contact us – Phone: 0508 227 696 or to request a FREE, no obligation moving quote complete the Virtual Survey Quote form.

Alert Level 3 and Alert Level 2

Crown Relocations are open for business at Alert Level 3 and Alert Level 2. Many of our customers are seeking assurances that we meet the guidelines for operating a business. The safety standards detailed below are not exhaustive. They do however provide an insight into what you can expect from a Crown managed move, during this difficult time.

No matter what level we operate under, we would like to assure both our customers and staff that we will continue to maintain our safety standards for their protection. Here is a summary of our Crown safety standards;


  • Some Crown staff are working from home. Our offices and canteens have been re-configured to facilitate social distancing. 
  • At Alert Level 3 we expect ‘contactless’ engagement with customers. This ideal scenario is to have only one customer at any address, for either a sales or operational visit.
  • At Alert Level 2 we prefer ‘contactless’ engagement with customers. However, for an operational visit, if customers observe physical distancing protocols (2 m safety zone) we can have more than one person in the home.
  • We will only perform formal sales presentations if the seating arrangements enable social distancing. Our sales consultants can be shown around an address (by a customer), given a 2m safety zone.
  • We have robust contact tracing systems that document interactions between staff, customers, suppliers and site visitors.
  • Our operation crews are being contacted by their supervisors during the day to ensure they are feeling well and not showing flu like symptoms.
  • Within 100kms of a Crown office we will not use 3rd party contracted workers in our Crown Relocations business. Outside the 100km zone (and if it makes perfect sense) we may use an approved service partner to assist with loading or unloading, at residence or into private storage. These partners will be expected to follow our same standards.
  • Our crews have staggered start times to limit crowding and interaction at despatch. Whenever possible they are working in the same two to three person units. They practice social distancing based upon a minimum 1m distance with each other and 2m with customers.
  • We have a maximum of two crew members in our trucks and vans, unless a van has additional seating that enables correct distancing. If three or more staff are required, we will take additional vehicles to the work site, or drop them off.
  • For domestic moves our delivery crews will not unpack cartons. They will set up the beds, get everything into the right rooms, unpack the furniture and take away the debris. However, there may be exceptions, in the event a customer has physical limitations and will struggle with the task.
  • Every Crown Operations Manager, supervisor and crew member is trained in our Level 3 Safety Guidelines. New employees receive a thorough induction as they are on-boarded.
  • All crew members have been issued with their own Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). This includes masks, hand sanitiser, soap and personal tool boxes. The availability of PPE is a variable that can cause temporary adjustments to our safety procedures.
  • We have secured a stock of hospital grade spray sanitiser. Our crews may use this at an addresses that has not been empty for four days. It is not sprayed directly onto hard surfaces. The spray settles and evaporate within 15 minutes.

    Special Note: The availability of PPE is a variable that could cause temporary adjustments to our safety procedures.

    ​In summary, Crown Relocations understand that a safety first approach is essential and that limiting interactions with others is the best defense against COVID-19. We hope you are satisfied with our safety standards and look forward to being of service.

    As this is a fluid environment please don’t hesitate to contact us – Phone: 0508 227 696 or to request a FREE, no obligation moving quote complete the Virtual Survey Quote form.

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