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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

A message to our customers

As the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) evolves globally, Crown New Zealand (NZ) want to update our customers, and the wider community on the impact to our business.

Recently the New Zealand government took an excellent step in isolating all international travellers, which will hopefully with help with our chances of NZ not having a significant outbreak. There is a strong possibility of further control measures being put in place and we would support these.

Crown’s plan is to continue running the business and serving our clients without undue interruption. At the same time, we are being vigilant as the situation evolves and are taking appropriate and timely actions to mitigate risks for our employees, customers and service partners.

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Within our Business

On a worldwide basis our Global Risk Manager has formed a taskforce to ensure that all Crown countries are connected (through Microsoft Teams). Our pandemic policy and procedures document outlines the measures to be taken, both preventative and in the unfortunate event of an outbreak.

Within NZ our Coronavirus-19 project team meet daily to assess the previous 24 hours and continue to develop and test our response strategies. There are five on the project team – our National Quality Manager, Customer Services Manager, Human Resources Manager, Business Services Manager and a Company Director. There is daily communication and educational activities between this team and our business units around the country. At this point, none of our employees have been directly impacted by the virus.

Below is a summary of the actions we are taking and what, if any, impact you can expect to your business:

Travel Restrictions

Due to the rapidly evolving nature of this situation, we have chosen to limit company travel to that which is essential to support our clients. We are avoiding ‘face to face’ client meetings whenever possible. Employees are required to obtain the Country Manager’s approval before travelling for work within NZ.

Mitigating Risks

To address the potential risk of virus ‘spread’ among our employees and customers, we have taken the additional actions below:

  • Avoiding unnecessary social contact by offering our free video survey, consultation and quotation service. All customers need for an accurate quotation is WIFI at home and a smartphone. There is no need for a ‘face to face’ home visit from a Crown consultant.
  • Ensuring all work sites are stocked with sanitising products and masks. All equipment and work areas can be sanitised daily or as needed throughout the day.
  • We practice social distancing in the workplace, whenever possible communicating by Microsoft Teams where we can hold on line meetings and share files. We are restricting physical contact like high fives, handshakes.
  • Our Customer Service teams are asking customers (either verbally or when possible by written questionnaire) whether they have visited (or are planning to visit) any higher risk countries or regions in the past 14 days. Are they experiencing symptoms of the virus, influenza or general un-wellness?
  • Allowing employees to work from home, if they are ill and / or part of a high-risk population for contracting the virus.
  • Limiting customers / vendor visits to our workplace(s).
  • In situations where our employees are working at a client location, we are fully complying with any and all local site guidelines put in place to mitigate risks.
  • In global ‘hot spots’ Crown has the majority of employees working from home. We are fully prepared (and ready) to replicate this on a large scale in New Zealand.
  • Full compliance and support of all NZ government guidelines in respect of self isolation and social distancing.

If any customer is concerned about their interactions with Crown please contact us and we will be happy to discuss.

Follow this link for the latest COVID-19 update: 14th May

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