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Why choose Crown for your move to Australia?

Every year thousands of Kiwis make the decision to move to Australia. There is so much to think about when moving to a new country. One of the biggest decisions is which moving company will you choose to pack and relocate your household goods and personal effects. This is not easy because there are so many movers with fanciful names and web sites touting for the lucrative Trans-Tasman business.

One of the biggest points of difference between Crown and others is that when you move with Crown you are dealing with the same company all the way. Most moving companies like to gloss over the fact they have ‘agents’ at destination. One of their strategies is to use terms like sister-company to describe who will deliver services on their behalf in Australia. If you are considering one of these companies you need to assess the risks. While you may be impressed by their New Zealand operations, any issues with your relocation will generally only surface when you arrive in Australia.

If you choose an ‘agent to agent’ service you are effectively being placed in the hands of a company with no reason to prioritise your shipment as they have no contract with you. They are already committed to servicing their own customers, not someone else’s. There is a real risk that you will experience delays and incur additional costs relative to DAFF inspection fees and delivery costs. Think about this, how many movers when given the opportunity to charge extra will actually charge less than you expect? You need to be aware that in the event of delays, service issues or insurance problems there is no contractual obligation on an agent to get involved and support you.

Crown offer a genuine, professional ‘one company’ standard and have 50 years experience as a market leader in both New Zealand and Australia. During this time we have built up a wealth of knowledge and know—how to make your relocation experience as smooth as possible. We share this knowledge by providing our customers with online access to their personal relocation files. Not only can they track and trace their shipment, they can view exactly the same ‘real time’ information that we have. This includes monitoring the progress of customs inspections and clearances, delivery updates and direct email contact with every Crown staff member involved in their journey.

We all know how frustrating and stressful moving can be. At Crown we understand that customers expect us to be good at logistics; however we are about much more than that. We pride ourselves on being great people to work with, both in the office and your home. Our goal is to deliver positive surprises from the moment we are first contacted right through to delivery day. In order to achieve this we have a commitment to staff training that is the envy of the industry. We even have our own University! As a worldwide company you can expect exactly the same great service in Australia as you receive in New Zealand.

Of course it’s easy to say these things and most companies will tell you they have a quality service. How would you know? One of the Crown Group’s most important performance indicators is customer feedback. Every office in the world is expected to secure written feedback from over 90% of their customers. They are then measured against expectations and ranked (monthly) in order of merit. Crown New Zealand and Crown Australia consistently score in the Top 5 countries worldwide. Over 98.5% of our customers are either satisfied or very satisfied. These feedback results drive our training initiatives and ensure we are on the same page as our customers.

Taking out marine insurance protection for a move to Australia is strongly recommended. While we take every precaution to safeguard your possessions, we cannot protect against unavoidable or unforeseen circumstances. Our Crown Care Protection Plan is the broadest and most user friendly insurance plan in the market.

We recommend the ‘Lump Sum’ option where the whole shipment is covered by Crown at full replacement value. It is simple and there is no confusion over valuations or risk of under insuring. Alternatively, we also offer the ‘Valued Inventory’ option for customers who prefer to nominate specific values. In either case our Crown Care policies can be mixed and matched to suit your personal situation. Non-standard extras include electrical and mechanical derangement, antiques and pairs and sets cover, to name a few.

The best thing about Crown Care Protection is that we manage our own policy. In the unlikely event of a claim we deal with the customer direct, as an extension of our service. This means you will not be referred to third party agents and assessors who represent the insurance industry. They are paid to manage and enforce the fine print. Our staff are there to settle claims as quickly as possible, with a minimum of fuss and to the satisfaction of the customer. After all, it’s still part of the Crown service.

Last but not least it’s very important to Crown that we deliver the best value possible. While others will offer what can appear a cheaper deal the reality is that you get what you pay for. Our goal is to ensure that the price we agree on in New Zealand matches the actual cost once you are settled in Australia. If a customer chooses the wrong mover the original price can pale into insignificance when the emotional and financial consequences are taken into account at the delivery end. We are passionate about the Crown to Crown experience and look forward to being of service for your forthcoming relocation.

Written by James Logan, Country Manager of Crown Worldwide NZ Ltd