About Crown

About Us

About Us

The Crown Worldwide Group was established in 1965 and has grown to become a unified organisation that provides business critical services across a worldwide network of nearly 60 countries. The 5 operating divisions of Crown are;

  •     Crown World Mobility

Global mobility management for corporate businesses - comprising business critical services.

  •     Crown Relocations

Moving, storage, insurance and specialised Move Management and settling in services.

  •     Crown Records Management

The  storage, active management and timely distribution of information and documents. 

  •     Crown Fine Arts

The world’s 1st integrated fine art logistics service - the movement and security of high value art.

  •     Crown Logistics

Office Relocations, project management and specialised commercial relocation projects.

Crown Relocations 

Crown Relocations is the largest privately owned removals and storage company in the world with over 260 offices across the worldwide network. Within New Zealand we have 10 strategically placed branches servicing every region of the country. We have been delivering great service to our valued customers for over 50 years and established a reputation that is second to none in the relocations industry.

Read below and find out more about Crown Relocations; 

Our Culture

About Crown - Corporate

At Crown we have a slightly different approach. We believe it’s our people who make the difference and that having a great culture is what separates us from all others. Our commitment to a worldwide code of values and behaviours means the customer will always come first whether you are moving locally within New Zealand or overseas. 

We truly are ‘one company’ to and from anywhere in the world. We understand that to consistently achieve superior service requires a dedicated team effort and commitment to common workplace behaviours. These behaviours are what define the character of our company and enable us to consistently meet or exceed our customers expectations.

Here’s some examples of what we are and what we’re not:

What we are

What we are not

Customer Centric

Company Centric

Good Value

















Our Network Is Our Strength

Global Removal

Crown’s network is our strength. We are constantly looking to add more countries to ensure maximum service capability. Our global QUEST quality programme and common operating system ensure that every Crown employee in every country understands the customers’ needs and strives to deliver great service. Most Crown offices are ISO accredited which ensures all customers receive the same high level of service whether moving across town or around the world.

Customers can be assured that when they move 'Crown to Crown' they will have none of the problems experienced by others when placed in the hands of overseas agents with no vested interest in delivering on the promises made at the origin location.

We Love Being Green

At Crown New Zealand 'We Love Being Green'. Each Crown branch has a green committee dedicated to sustainable practice across all aspects of their business. These committees meet monthly and have specific targets with respect to reducing consumption, through minimisation and reuse. There are specific KPIs in place with performance monitored through a global Natural Consumption Database.

On a national basis we also champion conservation and environmental projects across our network. As an example we have just been involved in a 3 year community conservation project called Living Legends. During this period we planted a native tree or shrub for every domestic move we undertook. The overall project represented 185,000 plantings during the 3 year term.

The Crown Touch

Crown Touch

The Crown Touch is a unique learning and development programme introduced for all Crown operational staff and field operatives. In short this programme teaches our crew members essential presentation, communication and interaction skills to add value to the Customer Experience. There are 20 modules in the programme with each staff member receiving credits and certificates for completed modules. The Crown Touch is an integral part of our operational pathway, which commences the moment a new staff member joins our crew and continues throughout their career with the company.

Caring For Our Communities

Salvation army

The Crown Group’s worldwide Charity in Motion initiative is all about 'giving back' and supporting the communities that have served Crown so well. Within New Zealand we have an active volunteering policy locally; every staff member receives paid time to contribute to community service in and around their local community. We reach out to our customers, suppliers and business partners to find opportunities to work together in support of communities.

Community Partner of Choice


Crown NZ are passionate supporters of The Salvation Army, our community 'partner of choice'. Every year they are supporting over 120,000 families in need through their food banks, family stores and counseling services. Each time we complete a relocation we have a special Priority Box for customers to donate tinned foods and other goods. Through the generosity of customers we collect and deliver over 2000 of these boxes a year to the Sallies.  . 

Crown also conduct special one off ‘Big Sallie Surprise’ fundraising projects. Our recent event raised over 94,000 cans of tinned food and $45,000 in food product for The Salvation Army food banks. In October 2013 Crown New Zealand was presented with the prestigious Salvation Army ‘Partner Award’ in recognition of our support. In over 100 years only 5 of these awards have ever been presented.  

Reducing Our Carbon Emissions

Hybrid Fleet

The emission of fossil fuels is one of the world’s biggest pollutants and the removals industry with their fleets of oversized trucks has been a major contributor. In 2008 Crown New Zealand made a commitment to containerise all long distance relocations by rail and sea. Since then we have annually taken over 5000 long distance truck journeys a year off New Zealand roads. The corresponding reduction in our carbon footprint vs truck operators is something we are very proud of.


Within our vehicle fleet we are actively investing in new energy efficient, low emission cars and truck technology. We have over 20 Toyota Prius and Camry hybrid cars on the road, representing fuel consumption saving of around 70% in comparison to our previous petrol powered vehicles. We have recently become the first removals company in New Zealand to invest in hybrid truck technology through the replacement of 3 diesel powered vehicles with new generation hybrids.

Providing Full Protection: The Easy Way

Insurance for sea

When providing insurance cover the removals industry has historically asked customers to act as professional valuers, understand pages of fine print, fill in confusing documentation and complete detailed valued inventories. Worst of all in the event of a claim being lodged there was the possibility of being underinsured through no fault of the customer.

These days are no longer, as Crown has launched their new Lump Sum Protection Plan. Under the new plan “it’s never been so easy”. There is minimal paperwork, 100% assurance of full cover, premiums that are cost effective and it’s all very easy to understand. Best of all we manage our own Protection Plan, so in the unlikely event of a claim everything remains within Crown with none of the issues associated with 3rd party agents working for the insurance company and not the customer.


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