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Consulting services

Organisations around the world look to Crown World Mobility for expert, cost efficient guidance on making the best decisions around the design of their mobility programmes. They all face the same concerns, how best do they manage the complex integration of mobility and talent!

Within New Zealand we possess the in-house expertise to work closely with organisations of all sizes and market sectors. As part of a global consulting practice we can call upon our ‘practice leaders’ and international specialists who have in depth knowledge in diverse cultures and industry sectors.

Programme design

Programme design is an integral part of our consulting service. We review existing procedures, interfaces and systems, identify stakeholders across your organisation and propose methods in which processes can be created or streamlined. We have experience in the design of program communication materials, global mobility website content, decision trees, checklists, administrator guidelines and other ways of supporting program goals.

Policy analysis and development

On a daily basis our experienced team of Mobility Specialists work with corporates with both domestic and international mobility needs. At the most practical level we provide a basic background to Relocation Policy principles, policy definitions, terminology, industry benchmarking and some general guidelines.

For more complex requirements, we have access to Crown’s global policy and practice library which offers clients a breadth of resources and information to facilitate a targeted policy analysis, revision or development, using best practice content and user-friendly, clear text. We also help to generate support materials such as policy summary guides and training materials.

Surveys and research

We create customised surveys and research for you, designed to obtain objective feedback about your mobility practices along with offering research on specific mobility topics that you may require. Specialising in ‘Voice of Customer’ surveys, we design and implement quantitative and qualitative approaches to data collection using online survey tools, interviews or focus groups. The insight gained allows us to determine how to best focus time and resources for all phases of mobility support and for all levels of mobility management.

Our comparative benchmark research analysis will help you to better understand the competitive environment, as well as identify best practices and innovative approaches towards management and cost control.

Linking Mobility to talent

Crown’s expertise in linking global mobility programmes to talent strategies is second to none. Through consultation we take the time to understand an organisation’s mobility/talent goals and then support them by developing strategies that range from simple to complex.
Depending on the need, we can assist with the design of materials to support selection processes, diversity and inclusion initiatives, performance management for assignees, repatriation integration and future leadership pipeline development.

Group moves

When you prepare to relocate more than a few employees at the same time, be it international or domestic, the stakes are high.
Group moves require special preparation, to limit the corporates exposure to a variety of risks. A group move (under the same initiative) is generally considered business critical and without advanced planning and preparation things can get off track very quickly. The two primary issues that can derail a group move involve key staff leaving the business and compressed timetables contributing to budgetary blowouts that also affect business continuity.

Crown is well versed in the intricacies of group moves both domestically and internationally. We are accustomed to being an integral part of the strategic and logistical group move support. Our experts have the strategic and logistical know-how to design and support communication planning, change management training for managers, employee needs’ assessments, one-time group move policies, resource centres (virtual or physical) and other decision making tools.

Services can include but are not restricted to:

  • Programme and policy design
  • Communication programmes and protocols
  • Employee retention consulting
  • Project planning and management
  • Budget development
  • Location information and housing tours
  • Orientation and preview trips
  • Self Assesment tools ( for international groups)
  • Language and cultural workshops

Repatriation and career planning

A critical phase of global mobility programme design that is often underdeveloped is repatriation and career planning. Our consulting team offers expertise in the design and implementation of the tools and strategies that support the successful repatriation and career planning process for assignees. We help generate the infrastructure, from manager-assignee discussion guides, training for key repatriation and career planning stakeholders, HR or receiving managers, to tool kits, checklists, templates and communication planning.

Additional consulting services

Our Mobility’s Consulting Services team has provided advice to a wide range of medium to large sized organisations operating both within New Zealand and worldwide.

We would be delighted to discuss your requirements in respect of these and any other aspects of your global mobility program. To contact our World Mobility specialists call us on: 0800 243 578, or (+64) 9 415 7300, alternatively email: [email protected] or complete a contact form.

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