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How to pay your bill

You can pay your account on line, either by credit card or direct credit from your account to ours (Bank to Bank). Simply complete the payee fields below, select the payment type, and proceed to payment.

Enter the following information into the payee fields*

  • Provide your Customer Name & Customer ID/Number which is found at the top right of your invoice.

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  • Payment amount (NZ$), this is the total due on the statement.

*Please ensure the correct information is provided in the payee fields or, if you are a storage client and want to pay by Direct Debit, and take away the hassle of remembering to pay your account, click here to be taken to our direct debit form, simply complete the form and hit the submit button, and we will do the rest (we will acknowledge receipt and set up within 5 working days). Alternatively, we can set up a recurring charge on your credit card, so again, there is no hassle in remembering to pay, and your details are held securely by DPS, not us to activate this, simple e-mail one of our team on and with your preferred contact phone number, and we will call you to set it up – it takes no more than a few minutes from start to finish!


Special Tip

Paying from an Overseas bank account?
For one-off payments, or to set up a regular payment and take away the hassle of paying International invoices, then check out our easy set and forget option. Click Here

Client Payment Form


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