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Moving with Kids

Parents Moving with Kids

Crown is here to help you prepare and plan for your move and we will help you relocate what’s most precious in your life — your kids!

Moving can be an emotional and confusing time for anyone, especially children. Whether you are moving across town or to a new country, we are committed to helping make it a great experience for all of the family. We have a wide range of fun stuff to help your kids enjoy and learn from the entire moving process.

Kids love routine — make sure they are well prepared by discussing the move with them. Give them special attention and tell them all about the arrangements as they happen. Be positive and enthusiastic even if you are feeling a little apprehensive yourself. Explain the process of packing and how they can help, explain what will happen on moving day so the children have a clear understanding and there are no surprises. 

Moving with Kids - Parents moving with kids

Kids Corner - Getting Organised

Moving creates a lot of changes for you and for your family. The timing of your move is crucial. In most cases the younger the children are when you move the easier it is. Most parents time their move so it won’t be a big interruption to the school term. You need to be organised and book in early because movers are very busy during school holidays.

Careful preparation and constant communication are crucial for a successful move with children. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive guide with tips for relocating with kids. Click here.

Kids Corner - Getting Organised

Moving can be fun!

Moving can be a new and exciting adventure for your kids. If you involve them in the moving process it will make them feel important and show that you value their help. If your kids are old enough give them a special job to take charge of. Here are a few suggestions:

  • If they have toys or clothes they don’t use anymore Crown can collect them and take them to the Salvation Army for you, they will then be given to other children in need. This can be done as part of a de-clutter project for the whole household.
  • Give your kids a Crown Truck Box to pack their special things for the movers.
  • Help them to draw a map of their new room & let them decide where to put all of their furniture and treasures.
  • On move day it would be best to have your kids elsewhere. They could be looked after by their favourite sitter or be at their daycare/school. This way you can focus on moving out.
  • Have fun and don’t get stressed out!
Moving with kids - Moving can be fun!

Parents tip: Upon arrival, getting your kids rooms organised first will help them adjust quickly as they will be surrounded by their stuff and will be able to entertain themselves while you do all the work. Ask the delivery crew to unload the ‘truck toy box’ first.

Kids don’t see moving the way that adults do and that’s why communication is the key to a successful move! Here are a few tips to help make this transition as easy as possible:

  • Your kids will experience a mixture of emotions about moving. You should ask them lots of questions about how they are feeling and listen to what they have you say. You will quickly understand their needs and be able to give them plenty of encouragement and support.
  • If possible you should take them on a ‘Look See’ visit to your new town or city so they know what to expect. You might even be able to show them their new house or school.
  • Your moving consultant can provide a number of specialty products to get your kids involved & excited about moving ie: childrens’ moving guides, rugby balls, address books, truck boxes, Crown lions & stickers. Find out what they have available when they visit you.
  • Allow your kids the time to say their goodbyes and encourage them to keep in contact with friends. You might want to have their special friends over for a sleepover. Make a final visit to favorite places & take photos so they have a lasting memory.

Read our Moving Checklist for more information and great tips for moving house.

Here are some great publications for moving with kids:

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