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Movers Insurance

CrownCare Insurance

While Crown takes every precaution to ensure your possessions are safe and secure, we cannot protect against the possibility of loss or damage due to unavoidable or unforeseen circumstances. Where there is a risk there is a need for protection and this is why we provide CrownCare insurance. Just as we insure our lives, our incomes, our health, our vehicles, our businesses and our homes it is very important we protect our goods in transit.

What does transit protection cover?

A full transit protection policy covers all risks (including chipping, denting, scratching and breakage) from door to door on a professionally packed basis. Goods in transit are covered while they are in our storage facilities with storage extensions are available once standard transit times are exceeded. While there are restricted covers packages available for owner packed goods, we do not recommend our clients pack their own effects.

Get movers insurance for your overseas move. Crown transit insurance will provide comprehensive cover against the possibility of loss or damage

Why choose CrownCare protection?

There are many companies offering transit protection but CrownCare Protection is unique. It is one of the broadest and most user friendly protection plans in the market.

Features of Crown Care protection are:

  • Crown offer replacement cover – that means replacement with a new item. Most third party cover is at market or depreciated value, CrownCare is at replacement value – this means the value your item had at the time you purchased it
  • CrownCare is a specialist policy designed specifically for customers whose effects are moving within New Zealand or overseas. It is not an extension to household contents cover. It provides comprehensive protection for the lifetime of the service and not for parts of the service
  • Not only do we offer a comprehensive plan, we don’t deliver your goods and leave you to battle it out. In the unlikely event of a claim to and from anywhere in the world, you will only deal with Crown and not be subjected to settling agents and unknown third parties
  • Rapid settlement of all claims is a feature of CrownCare. We manage our own policy and view claims settlement as a customer service. We settle claims in days and weeks rather than months
  • For customers moving within New Zealand any claims lodged with Crown will not affect their no claims bonus entitlements on any other household insurances

Arranging CrownCare protection

Arranging CrownCare protection is a simple process that involves determining the full replacement value of your effects. While there are selective options we always recommend that you insure for full replacement value. Just as you would insure your motor vehicle for its full value and not just the value of its wheels, we strongly recommend you insure your personal effects for their full replacement value when moving. As a general rule we advise that you complete the paperwork at least five days before a move so we have time to ensure the forms are fully completed and correct.

The available options …

Customers can choose two main methods of arranging protection:

  • They can either complete a Valued Inventory that involves determining the full replacement value of their effects
  • Or they can take up the Lump Sum option of establishing their insured value

For those who take the Lump Sum option, the sum insured and premium are provided by Crown with no fuss or confusion. Each relocation is unique, which is why we also offer ‘non standard’ additional protection to both Valued inventory and Lump Sum options. These additional covers can include mould and mildew, electrical and mechanical derangement, pairs and sets, freezer contents and antiques.


Get Movers Insurance | Crown Relocations

Movers Insurance | Crown Relocations

Crown’s recommendation

Crown recommend the Lump Sum Valuation option as a simple and cost effective way to ensure full protection. With Lump Sum protection there is no requirement to research the replacement cost of personal and household effects, which is especially frustrating when customers are moving overseas. Crown assess each move and then provide the insurance valuation and premium with no fuss, confusion or stress. There is minimal paperwork and customers are assured of full cover with no risk/chance of under-insuring.

For more insurance information please feel free to contact our friendly staff on: 0508 227 696 or email [email protected]

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