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Moving with pets

Moving with Pets

At Crown, we understand how important these extended family members are, so we coordinate the delicate job of relocating them using only the most carefully approved service partners. Our moving with pets service includes pet pick up, veterinary support (if needed), pet transportation by land and/or air, pet boarding facilities and delivery to your/their eventual destination. From small kittens, to Great Danes, we can ensure that the transportation of your pet is not a traumatic experience for either you or your animal.

Here are some key pre-move things you’ll need to keep in mind:

  • Please ensure your pet’s vaccinations are fully up-to-date (unvaccinated pets may be denied access into boarding facilities)
  • Book air transportation well in advance
  • If you are using your own pet security cage then it’s a good idea to let the animal sleep prior to move day so they can adjust to the smell and confined space before travelling
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If you want to know more about moving with pets please discuss this with your Crown Consultant when they come to your home to quote on your move. To arrange a quotation call our office for an obligation FREE quote on: 0508 227 696 or you can use our online quote forms: Instant QuoteQuick Quote, Home Visit Request

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