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PA for the Day

PA for the Day

PA for the Day is a service designed to assist anyone who needs extra support on their moving day. You may be a busy working person, have a young family, be elderly, or have a disability. We understand how busy life can be and how challenging a household or workplace move can be.

Whether you are returning to settle from overseas, leaving to live overseas or moving elsewhere in New Zealand, there’s a good chance you will need some extra help on moving day. That’s why we offer our PA for the Day service.

Moving out day

Ideally we would always have plenty of time to plan, prepare our household items, pack and re-arrange utilities before we move out of our residence. But we all know that’s not always possible. Our PA for the Day can help with pre-move organisation:

  • Packing personal items
  • Onsite managing removals teams
  • ‘Distracting / entertaining’ your children e.g. taking them to the movies

Moving in day

The same goes for your moving in experience. Our PAs can assist with:

  • Moving, settling, or distracting your pets e.g. taking your dog for a walk while you unpack
  • Running errands e.g. you might need some fresh milk or a loaf of bread
  • Help you set up your home e.g. rearrange furniture
  • Continue to unpack or vacuum your new residence while you go to do errands  

How it works

Our PAs are available on a half or a full day basis. They are trained relocation staff who will be well briefed before they arrive. Prior to this, we will contact you to discuss your needs and prepare a schedule of activities for you to sign off on. Once these details are confirmed, we will introduce you to your PA.

Crown’s PA for the Day services that you can choose from – can include, but is not restricted to:

  • Coordinating removals uplift or delivery times
  • Supervising contractors onsite (phone companies, Internet Service Providers, Sky TV installation, electricity, gas)
  • General errands like grocery shopping, lunch or coffee runs
  • Assisting with packing or unpacking your personal itemas
  • Setting up or packing your kitchen — exactly the way you prefer it
  • Checking off all your items while they are being uplifted or delivered
  • Supervising unpacking while you are out and about
  • ‘Freeing up’ your time by entertaining your children or your pets
PA for the Day | Crown Relocations

PA for the Day | Crown Relocations

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Learn more about PA for the Day by contacting a Crown representative on: 0508 227 696

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