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Introducing Debbie Mansell - Corporate Account Manager

Debbie Mansell is one of our longest serving team members and an integral part of the Crown World Mobility team. Debbie started with Crown in 1994 as part of the Customer Service team before joining the World Mobility team in 2008, specialising in inbound (to NZ) and global to global (outside NZ) relocations.

Debbie’s personal life revolves around sports, with involvement in softball, netball, touch rugby, squash and the list goes on. The hard work she puts into to mastering the skills needed for each different sport is a testament to her competitive edge and perseverance – attributes which are highly valuable when it comes to navigating the minefield which is international relocation.

In her role as Corporate Account Manager, Debbie is dedicated to delivering successful relocation experiences, she consistently demonstrates the strong initiative and determination needed to manage corporate relocations in an ever-changing environment. Debbie specialises in managing our service partners in terms of compliance and cost control, negotiating the best possible service/transit outcome and providing outstanding customer experiences.

Debbie’s vast mobility knowledge allows her to maintain an exceptionally high level of support, whilst ensuring the most cost-effective outcomes and administration of the mobility policy in the best interests of the corporate client.



If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

I have spent my entire life residing in Wellington where my immediate family is based & I raised my daughter. I love Wellington, despite the weather & somewhere I see myself living here forever.

What is your daily mantra, or inspirational quote?

In a training session I attended recently, the coach said “just do you” which I found very inspirational.

What are your top three bucket list experiences?

For my bucket list, I would love to overcome my fear of flying & travel around the world to meet the people I have worked with for such a long time.

What do you feel are the biggest challenges for organisations who have a mobile workforce today?

We are in such a changing environment at the moment, where organisations may have taken a hands-off approach in the past, employees are looking for more support and duty of care. Empathy for our clients is extremely important, showing them that you really understand the challenges that they face and the additional pressure they are under is vital. I like to really take time to speak with my client and make sure I have really thorough understanding of each person’s needs, with the aim of making their experience as seamless as possible.

What part of your role with Crown World Mobility do you enjoy the most?

I love my job because of the people I get to talk to on a daily basis.


To contact our World Mobility team call: 0800 243 578, or (+64) 9 415 7300, alternatively email: [email protected] or complete a contact form.

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