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Crown World Mobility New Zealand helps organisations manage both their global and local talent. In collaboration with our international offices and subject matter experts, Crown’s mobility specialists support our corporate clients in ensuring their employees are able to perform to the best of their ability, wherever they are located. Read what our customers say about working with us…..

Meet the Team | Crown World Mobility NZ

 “Our consultant was extremely helpful with housing co-ordination & invaluable on the unpack day. Overall we are very satisfied with the services provided.

Thank you!”


“This has been a fantastic result, to find a great house in the right area so quickly – and I’ll put this down to Sue from Crown who really assisted here; and because she already had a relationship with the agents, I was basically pushed to the top of the list for the rental. In that I got to view the property before others and apply straight away with her recommendation to the agent. I’d truly recommend her services to others should they need similar assistance in the future.”


“Stephanie is exceptional!! Being new to New Zealand and its culture, with Stephanie’s congenial personality and global travel experiences she was able to make us feel at ease with our transition from the US to NZ.
In sum she delivered an exceptional customer experience!”

Sydney S.

“Very pleased with keeping me connected with what was needed for completing documentation, and what was happening before, during and after the moving processes. Thank you for your clear guidance and excellent communication. I was extremely pleased with the whole process – it was easy and smooth for me, and I am very thankful.

I have used Crown for several moves now around the country, and one move overseas. In every move I have had with Crown, they’ve been very professional, caring and consistently keeping me informed of process and progress.”

Paul R.

“I am a very happy customer. It does not feel like relocation anymore, we are now locals.

Many thanks to the staff for their support and excellent performance. The coordination and ease of communication makes the process much less daunting.”

David A.

“May is very nice and responsive. Due to some issue, I was so frustrated at one point because of the limited time but May cheered me up well and luckily at the end everything go smoothly. Both of them helped a lot for my relocation. Without them, I won’t be able to get such a nice and cozy place to stay in this new country that I have never been to before.”

Jessica S.

“I found Sue extremely helpful and encouraging, when she was unsure about an issue she made sure that she found out what the situation was. I felt very supported and she gave me lots of confidence in finding the right place, challenging me on my search area and ensuring that she followed through until after the tenancy agreement was signed. Thank you.”


“Very satisfied with our Consultant Stephanie for her dedicated and professional service for house and school search and moving in the rental property. Creative solution was provided to meet our move in the busiest time of the year (e.g. rental furniture arrangement).”


 “Our Immigration Adviser Damian was really helpful & informative, and I got the required results while keeping me in the loop at all times.”

Francesca N.

“Zsofia was a great communicator throughout the process. She was always pleasant and very knowledgeable. Zsofia sent emails and made telephone calls to me when things were more complex to make sure I was comfortable. It was a great experience. I am very impressed with the overall Crown Relocation experience. From the beginning stages while I was in the US through the final delivery, I had great communication from the Crown team. They always kept me updated and handled all my questions with grace and professionalism.

The process couldn’t have ended any better when these two gentlemen showed up from Crown Relocations and made my final delivery a breeze. I can’t thank you all enough. A move of this distance and over this length of time is ripe for problems, but Crown Relocation was the positive part of my experience in moving to NZ.”

Dawn C.

“Stephanie had extended her efforts to help me find a new house AND to relocate and move in as well. I would like to express my gratitude to her. She’s a lovely consultant who understood my needs and preferences when finding a new home.”


“Crown have supported me in several fields over the last year in moving to New Zealand from the UK. The service provided has been clear, consistent and appropriate throughout and bottom line professional in its delivery and execution.

During the last ten months I have relocated from the UK to New Zealand, this would normally be quite a traumatic experience, but the support my wife and I have received from Crown has made this experience as painless as possible.

We used several Crown services including obtaining VISA’s, school search, property rental search and the provision of temporary furniture whilst we awaited our furniture to arrive from the UK. All of these services were excellent, the consultants were engaging and very supportive throughout, each person was well versed in the services they were offering and any options that we needed to consider.”

Stephen B.

“Our Relocations Consultant Veronica was “BRILLIANT” with everything. She was absolutely awesome with finding us a really nice house that ticked all the boxes and all the information she provided regarding the schools, transport and more.”

High Bignall

“With regards to the house search and the welcome pack, the service provided exceeded our expectations, and was timely, enjoyable and efficient. Lisa’s support in this process has been excellent.”

Viola B.

“Our Relocations Consultant was really friendly, fun and knowledgeable. I really enjoyed it! She offered lifestyle options, information on entertainment and shopping, banking, housing advice, cycling, sports… you name it!”

Andreas S

“Well done team, really appreciate your support. You worked hard to make this as easy for me as possible, especially important moving from UK by myself and having a massive amount to do in my personal and professional worlds. You’ve set a high standard and met my expectations – well done”

Angus Jenkins

“Our consultant was excellent! She provided apartment options to us very quickly after discussing our priorities and needs. She made some excellent recommendations and had a great relationship with the apartment leasing agent which helped secure the lease. Very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable.”


“Thanks Crown, the overall services you provided are fabulous. From the immigration visa application, house moving to temporary accommodation, house searching and container delivery / installation. It’s really a one stop service, for the individual and business. Appreciate your efforts again.”

Eric Li

“My Relocations Consultant made our relocation so much easier than we expected, she was so helpful and understanding of our needs and went above and beyond to help us in any way she could. She was so helpful and found us a great unit – just what we wanted.”

Bradley L

“Our consultant Mary went out of her way; above and beyond what she needed to for me. She firstly took time to understand exactly what my accommodation needs were; gave me good insight into the property market in Wellington; and talked me through the whole process. She was very organised, totally flexible, working around my working hours; used her initiative: phoning and texting property managers and agents; always looking out for me as her client. Ensuring that she was doing the best for me, rather than just accepting the first property that came to hand. She was very likable and a good ambassador for Crown.”

Jane Wharton

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