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Moving Overseas


International Relocation

Moving overseas can be a stressful time for the best of us, and choosing which moving company to move with is a big decision! There’s a lot more to an international relocation than just shipping items from A to B. Crown recognises this, and subsequently provides a customer-first service that has seen people happily moved to every corner of the world since 1965. 

Crown’s global presence

With offices in 65 different countries, we are international leaders in international removals and are able to support you no matter where you are looking to move. Our strong global presence means we are not reliant on any third party agents in the relocation process, and can offer you the same consistent Crown service throughout your move. However, if you are looking to move to a destination where we do not have an office, we utilise carefully chosen service partners who meet our strict quality standards and requirements and ensure a consistent quality of service throughout the moving process. 

The strength of our international network is what helps us to stay at the forefront of the marketplace, and we are always looking to add more countries to ensure maximum service capability. 

Need help settling in?

Moving overseas is a significant time in many people’s lives. Crown works to make our customers feel as comfortable as possible - we offer help with settling in to your new environment, finding local schools for your children and integrating in to local community groups if needed.

Transporting your goods – by Sea or Air?

Everybody’s home is filled with items of emotional and financial value. Therefore, Crown strives to provide the highest level of protection when transporting customer’s important items. We offer a range of options for the shipping of your household goods.

Marine transportation options include:

Sole-Use Shipping Containers – Allows for your furniture and personal effects to be shipped in a timely manner. Used for larger shipments and vehicles, there are 20 and 40 foot sole-use container options. 

Shared Containers – The most cost effective option as you pay for the space you use, however delays can cause inconvenience. These are recommended for smaller relocations.

Air shipments are the quickest method of international transportation, but are generally only used for certain items. It is the best way of ensuring priority items are available at short notice.

Individually Crated Shipments (LCL) are available, but are only used for countries where we don’t have shared container options. An LCL shipment is crated to ensure full protection and shipped in general purpose containers. This option allows your household goods to be shipped at the soonest possible convenience.

Converting your money

An often-overlooked part of the international relocation experience is converting money to your new countries currency. It’s highly recommended to use online currency transferal companies for this, as it reduces the high rates involved with converting cash or going through a bank. 

Crown proudly endorses the services of OZFOREX to make this process as easy as possible.

Kiwis overseas

Moving overseas is nothing new for New Zealanders - we are some of the best travelled in the world. People often say that no matter where in the world you go you will find a Kiwi, but how accurate is that? Well, according to Statistics New Zealand there are approximately over one million of us living abroad. Compare that to our total population and that’s a pretty significant statistic!

The most popular destinations for Kiwis to move to are; Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. Crown Relocations has over four decades of experience helping New Zealanders relocate around the world and experience life in different cultures, a service we are proud to provide for those of us looking to explore new terrain.

Packing for the trip

Ensuring your household goods are kept safe and secure is of the utmost importance in any relocation, especially when moving overseas. Crown’s packing crews are trained to an international standard, and specialise in providing a safe and efficient service for our customers – we take care of your valuables.

Here’s a checklist of what you can expect from a Crown Packing team:

  • Fully trained and uniformed crew members
  • Experienced Team Leaders on every job
  • All packaging and unpacking completed on-site
  • ‘Best Practice’ export wrapping techniques, providing maximum care for your items
  • LCD and Plasma televisions packed in customised plasma cartons or crated
  • All items numbered and labelled prior to loading with a detailed packing inventory provided before uplift  
  • Innovative super strength Crystal cartons to protect delicate and fragile items 
  • Flat line cartons for bedding linen and general clothing
  • Custom designed wardrobe cartons used for suits, gowns etc
  • Customised packing techniques for paintings and art work
  • Smaller cartons for books, CDs and DVDs minimize handling weight
  • Rugs and carpets rolled and secured to avoid creasing
  • Heavy duty Tuff Wrap to protect lounge suits, mattresses and other upholstery


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