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Top 5 Destinations for Kiwi Expats

New Zealanders love to travel, discover new places and experience different cultures. It’s just one way Kiwi expats satisfy their curiosity and thirst for knowledge. But, where do they choose to move to? Approximately one million Kiwis have emigrated around the world and the list of their destinations is long but some have proven to be more popular than others.

5 Popular Overseas Countries Kiwis Love

The most popular relocation destination for Kiwi expats is Australia, not only because of it’s close proximity to New Zealand. Kiwis and Aussies share a lot of interests, lifestyle and values. We’re quite affectionately known to each other as ‘cousins’ from across the ditch.

The next most popular destination is half a world away, the United Kingdom for which many Kiwis call ‘Motherland’. Many young Kiwis choose the UK for their ‘Big OE’ after leaving school or tertiary education, and many decide to stay on as they find that job opportunities an earning prospects are greater in the UK than in New Zealand.

Wherever you are in the world, you’re bound to find Kiwi expats there. Singapore has become recent favourites amongst Kiwi expats due to the exponential economic growth in the region. The United States and Canada have always been firm favourites for many Kiwis to move and settle in.


While there is a special sporting rivalry between New Zealand and Australia, don’t let it fool you. The two countries might be mortal enemies on the sports field, but they do in fact like each other off the field. This is why Australia has long been the number one destination for Kiwis looking to emigrate. Australia has a lot to offer and New Zealanders have recognized this. If you’re planning on moving to Australia, be sure to create a checklist of all the things that you need to consider beforehand.

There is an agreement in place between New Zealand and Australia that grants Kiwis that move to Australia some of the same rights as Australian citizens. Kiwis can get a special category visa or SCV as it is known, upon arrival. If obtained, this visa allows them to work and live in Australia indefinitely. Other agreements are also in place regarding driver permits and healthcare.

United Kingdom

Comprised of Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom has plenty to offer to those who decide to move there. It is estimated that approximately 60,000 Kiwis are currently living in the UK. While there are similarities between the two cultures, there are also a few differences that attract New Zealanders to come and live in the UK.

The UK is home to several major cities that have a great diversity of cultures from around the globe, and this attracts young people in particular. The job market in the UK is large and dynamic and whatever your area of expertise is, there is a good chance that you will be able to earn a living. If you are considering starting a family or moving with your family from New Zealand to the UK, you may be interested to know that the UK has:

  • Lower living costs
  • Better travel possibilities and cheaper flights to many popular destinations
  • Lower rent prices in general, although there is significant regional variation in both countries

United States

The United States is perhaps the most popular relocation destination in the world. The States are known as the Land of Opportunity where whole families come to fulfil their dreams. There are many reasons why Kiwis move to the States, the most common being:

  • Job opportunities
  • High-quality educational opportunities
  • Lower overall living expenses
  • Diverse natural landscapes and lifestyles
  • Plenty of travel opportunities


Singapore is located in Southeast Asia, and it consists of 63 islands. It is also known as one of the best countries for expats to work and live in. If you are thinking about moving to Singapore with your children, education is probably one of the things that you will consider. Singapore’s education system is highly regarded.

In terms of wage growth and job security, Singapore is among the top-rated countries in the world. Crime is almost non-existent, and the same can be said for homelessness. The streets are kept clean and Singapore is considered very modern. These are just some of the things that attract New Zealanders to move here.

For you to live and work in Singapore, you will need to gather as much information as you can. Find a reputable moving company that can inform you about the necessary documents and visas and help with your move. If heat and humidity are a problem for you, you should know that these are common weather conditions in Singapore.


Whether you want to relocate or are just visiting for work and play, Canada is a great destination.

Canada is renowned for its natural beauty and amazing landscapes. Combined with the fact that Canadians are very environmentally responsible, it helps Kiwi expats feel at home in Canada. Canadians also share important family values and have a healthy respect for people from diverse backgrounds. These traits have attracted many expats and families from all over the world.

There are different reasons why people choose to move from New Zealand to Canada, ranging from work opportunities to social security conditions. Canada has developed a migration program whose goal is to meet a target of over a million skilled migrants to fill the shortage in the country’s labour force. This program goes hand-in-hand with a permanent residency program.

If you are considering emigrating from New Zealand but aren’t quite sure where to, we hope the list above helps you get thinking and planning. Once you have decided, get in touch with us for a free moving quote or any advice on moving and settling you and your family there. Call our friendly team today on: 0508 227 696

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