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Moving to the UK
Crown – Your Relocation Company

Moving to the United Kingdom

Are you moving to the UK from NZ? Welcome to our information pages where we showcase Crown’s international moving services from all parts of New Zealand to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Crown Relocations is the largest privately owned moving and storage company in the world with over 200 offices across the worldwide network. Within New Zealand we have 12 strategically placed moving and storage offices servicing every region of the country. Crown’s team can manage every step of your move to the UK from NZ.

We’ve been delivering great service to our valued customers for over 55 years and established a reputation that is second to none in the relocations industry. Crown specialise in international moving, storage services, movers insurance, shipping household effects and settling in services. We will even relocate your pets and motor vehicles.

Our team is available to answer any relocation questions you may have! Call us on: 0508 227 696 or email [email protected]. To arrange an obligation FREE movers quote call: 0508 227 696 or complete a form online: Virtual Survey formQuick Quote form.

Moving to the UK - advice about moving to the UK

About the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a union of four countries: England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales all united under one flag, the Union Jack. Despite their obvious similarities each of these countries still harbour a fierce sense of national pride which typically manifests itself on the sports field and culturally.

Sports and literature are among the UK’s cultural claims to fame. Soccer, rugby, cricket, boxing, and golf were all invented in Britain. The U.K. has produced many of the world’s great writers, including William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens and Robert Burns. J.K. Rowling, the writer of the Harry Potter books, is British.

The United Kingdom has been a leading trading nation for more than 500 years. In the 19th century, British industry helped make the country the most powerful nation in the world. It is still one of the strongest economies on Earth. Today the UK has a population of over 60 million with the seat of government based in London, England.

United Kingdom Destinations

If you’re moving to the UK from NZ, Crown is the moving company for you!

We have a network of moving offices and storage facilities servicing every corner of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. So whether you are moving to Exeter, London, Dublin, Liverpool, Swansea, Cardiff, Glasgow, Aberdeen or Belfast you can trust us to provide a genuine service every step of the way.

Enquire today about the special deals on our LIVE International Sailings Board or for more information on UK destinations click on the guides below:


Live International Sailing Dates

This departure board is best to use in landscape on mobile.

There is space available on these sailings, call us on: 0508 227 696 or ENQUIRE

Port of DepartureDestinationSailing DateEnquire

Is it easy to move to the UK from New Zealand?

Even after taking care of visa and shipping requirements there are always settling in hurdles. To name a few there is finding the right home, best school for your kids, figuring out the healthcare in the UK etc. For more information read: Moving your family to the UK, what you need to know or contact us.

How to find best relocation company for NZ to the UK move?

Every year thousands of Kiwis make the decision to move to the United Kingdom. There is so much to think about when moving to a new country. One of the biggest decisions is which moving company will you choose to pack and relocate your household goods and personal effects. Crown is the largest privately owned moving and storage company in the world with over 200 offices across the worldwide network. Within New Zealand we have 12 strategically placed moving and storage offices servicing every region of the country. Crown’s team can manage every step of your move to the UK from NZ – contact us today, phone: 0508 227 696 or submit a quote form online.

What is the cost of my move from New Zealand to the UK?

Our ballpark estimate can provide a useful snapshot of moving costs to and from all major locations in New Zealand and the UK. For more information visit our what you need to know page. To request a FREE moving quote call our friendly staff on: 0508 227 696 or complete the quick quote form.

Can a New Zealand citizen move to the UK?

Kiwis require a visa to live and work in the UK. The Youth Mobility Visa (up to two years) and UK Ancestry Visa (up to five years) are two options that give you the opportunity to live in the UK. The visa process for the UK is costly, so it’s best to research your options before you apply. For more information about moving to the UK read our blog: Moving your family to the UK – what you need to know or follow the following link for further visa information:UK visa and immigration.

What do I need to know before moving to the UK?

Individuals and families moving to the UK receive a warm welcome but you still need to get through some hurdles. You need to understand the VISA process and then get the relocation process sorted out. It is always best to know your options to help your family settle-in. Things like finding a home, school for your kids, getting to know the social and administrative structure. There are some minor things like pet quarantine or getting familiar with weather and locations etc. Feel free to contact us or visit the what you need to know page.

Moving to the- United Kingdom | Crown Relocations

Moving to the United Kingdom? Go knowing

Additional Information for Moving to the UK

Read our blog Expert Tips on Moving to the UK for more information. If you can’t find what you are looking for please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Planning a move to Scotland, it offers so much excitement and so many opportunities. Find out how to live, work and place there. Read more

To arrange a quotation call our office for an obligation FREE quote on: 0508 227 696 or you can use our online quote forms: Quote WizardQuick Quote, or Home Visit Request.

Crown Relocations are committed to making your international relocation as easy as possible during these uncertain times.

For Government advice on moving to the UK during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak click here.

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