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Scotland Ya Beauty!

How to Work & Play in One of the Most Historic Spots in Europe

Whether you’re a whisky lover, a golf enthusiast, a lover of castles, a hunter of mystical creatures (or is it?), or you simply look smashing in a kilt, Scotland offers so much excitement and so many opportunities for travellers of all ages.
Increasingly, Scotland is becoming a firm favourite among younger travellers. Famous for bagpipes, tartan, William Wallace and of course the Loch Ness monster (Nessy for short), Scotland is one of the most historic in Europe — but don’t let that make you think it’s only a destination for history buffs. In fact, Scotland — particularly Edinburgh — is renowned for its night life and party atmosphere, perfect for young travellers looking for a different kind of overseas experience.

Keen to find out why Scotland is so great? First find out how to live, work and play there.


Whether you’re visiting Scotland or the rest of the United Kingdom for work or pleasure, you may need a visa. New Zealand passport-holders can generally get into the UK for six months without a visa, but if you’re planning on living and working there for longer it pays to get some independent visa advice.

Many New Zealanders qualify for dual-citizenship with Britain, and having a British passport is the easiest way to live and work in Scotland for as long as you want to. If you’re over the age of 18 and have been living the UK for five years (three years if you’re married to or a civil partner of a British citizen), you may be able to apply for naturalisation as a British citizen.

Any other scenarios and you’re going to need a visa. Fortunately, it’s fairly straightforward for Kiwis to apply for a UK visa. You do need to apply for a visa from New Zealand (you can’t just rock up and expect to get one when you fly into Scotland) so make sure you’re organised well in advance. Find out more about getting a visa to live and work in Scotland here.

Welcome to Edinburgh

The second-largest city in Scotland (second to Glasgow) is of course the historic and beautiful Edinburgh. Famous for its rustic buildings, medieval and classic architecture and stunning views on all sides, Edinburgh is widely regarded as one of the liveliest and most happening cities in Europe. Edinburgh Castle is the most popular tourist destination in Scotland’s capital city, and a must-see at that.

Getting around the city is easy because it was basically made for walking, which makes it easy to see the best bits of the city. If you’re not keen to walk, the Edinburgh City Pass bus will take you around the city comfortably, and get you into 17 attractions.

Festivals in Edinburgh

Every year, thousands of people flock to Scotland for the annual Edinburgh Festival. Normally held over three weeks in August (Scotland’s summer), the Edinburgh Festival is filled with loads of creative and artistic performances, including music, drama and ballet. The Fringe Festival is also a really popular annual gig, filled with comedy performances, drama and artists. In fact, in 2018 New Zealand’s very own Rose Matafeo won the coveted Edinburgh Comedy Award, the major award at the Fringe Festival.

Glasgow & further afield

Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow, is a dream destination for art- and history-lovers. Every major museum and gallery in Glasgow, not to mention parks, gardens and historical buildings, are free to visit — in fact, you could explore the entire city and barely spend a cent! Glasgow is also home to loads of incredible restaurants, live music and festivals. Don’t miss an opportunity to explore Ashton Lane, adorned with fairy lights and home to plenty of lovely bars and restaurants.

If you’re keen to travel out of the city and a little further afield, the parks and gardens of Aberdeen, the old cobbled streets of Stirling and the loch ness monster of Inverness and landscapes of the Isle of Skye are must-sees.

Working & Living in Scotland

Scotland, like every other major nation in Europe, has a wide array of accommodation options to suit every budget. From budget backpackers and hostels through to five-star hotels, accommodation options are around just about every corner.

If you’re planning on moving to Scotland to work, landing a job or lining up interviews before you land in Scotland will definitely set you up for success. That’s not to say that you can’t find work once you’ve arrived though; just make sure you’ve got somewhere to stay until you find a job to support yourself. Some useful Scottish job search websites include My Job Scotland, S1 Jobs or Indeed.

Moving to Scotland? Crown Relocations Can Help.

Planning a move to Scotland but not sure how you’re going to get your belongings there? A chat to Crown Relocations is the answer. We’re New Zealand experts in international relocations, whether you’re looking for furniture moving, office moving, storage or shipping options. Looking for a competitive moving quote? Talk to the trusted Crown team today.

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