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Moving to North America

Moving to the USA or Canada?

We’re here to help with your move to North America! With over 50 years experience moving families and items we’ve gained a huge amount of expertise and we bring that knowledge to everything we do.

Everything seems larger in the USA and Canada: houses, cars, meals and the entire North American land mass, it all makes New Zealand feel like a speck on the world map. Moving yourself and your family there can be a huge step, so moving with a company who already has the experience, expertise and ‘boots on the ground’ knowledge both in NZ and also at your final destination, will be key to your successful relocation.

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This means we are perfectly positioned to ensure your international move to North America goes smoothly.

If you are moving from Auckland to Houston, Whakatane to Seattle, Gore to Saskatoon or any other of the many locations and destinations, please contact us today. To arrange a quotation call our office for an obligation FREE, no cost, quote on: 0508 227 696 or you can use our online quote forms: Quick Quote, Home Visit Request.

For more information read our blog: Why you should choose Crown for your move to the United States.

Moving to North America? Move with Crown and go knowing

Moving to North America advice

If you can’t find what you are looking for please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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