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BIG Move Specialists!

No job too big or too remote!

If your wanting to change your life, there’s no better way than moving house. Whether you are unsettled, looking to get away from the bright lights or just searching for a fresh start, there’s nothing quite like a change of scenery!


Crown Relocations are NZ’s leading furniture movers specialising in BIG domestic moves for long distance relocations, from or to anywhere in the country. We have a fleet of large oversized moving trucks strategically located just for that purpose. It doesn’t matter where you are or how big your move is we have the resources and capability to accurately assess, quote and deliver on your moving requirements.


Moving made easy - Technology that works for you!

If you live in a remote location or are always busy all you will need is a WIFI connection and we will take care of everything. Our video consultation and quotation service is the modern way for you to arrange your quotation. It’s easy, use your smartphone or tablet and you are in business.

While we use the best overseas technology we don’t have you talking to overseas call centres. You will be dealing with a Crown consultant right here in New Zealand who knows their stuff and best of all you can do this during the daytime, over the weekend or in the evening.

We will connect with you via a live video chat application, do the walk-through (to establish what you’re moving), get a clear understanding of your needs, identify your target dates and then get back to you quickly with an obligation free furniture movers quote. Click here to request a virtual survey.


Nationwide storage network

When moving most of us like to move into our new home straight away. Sometimes however, it’s just not possible to coordinate the timing and there could be a period where you are between homes and need storage.

We have secure warehouses located around New Zealand specifically for the short, intermediate and long term storage of household goods and personal effects. Our facilities are fully fenced, alarmed, patrolled and monitored by external security specialists. Goods can be retrieved at any time given a phone call and a couple of days’ notice to deliver.


Options, options & more options

In most instances we take care of everything from the packing and uplift of your personal effects right through to delivery and clearing away the left overs. However, we also believe in tailoring everything to suit our client’s needs and can provide plenty of options.

Our Co Loading service allows you to share just the portion of the truck or container you are using. Co Loading is the optimal way to transport smaller households. There’s no need to pay for the whole van or truck when there’s space left over. The service is just the same and our big rigs and containers are crisscrossing the country daily to keep waiting times to a minimum.

Crown’s Owner Pack options allow you to take care of the majority of packing tasks yourself. You look after the packing and dismantling of your furniture and we will collect your effects and transport them to your new home, at the time agreed. Upon arrival we get everything off the truck and into the right rooms, you then take over with unpacking and the reassembly of furniture. We l still ensure your furniture is well protected and will dismantle and set up your beds. The service also includes the provision of special boxes and packaging for your flat screen television(s). Contact us to find out more.


Crown’s Logistics Hub – Making it all happen

Our logistics team are the heartbeat of our Cross Country, Inter-City and Inter-Island moving operation. We have over 100 years of moving experience involved in our daily fleet planning process.  

This team will assess every enquiry and put a customised plan together for every situation. With over 100 trucks and vans on the road and 400+ specially lined and customised Crown ‘high cube’ containers at their disposal, they have the resources to meet any needs.

Getting the timing right is crucial to a successful relocation, to achieve this we have a number of different transport modes to suit any situation;

  • Crown Express, this containerised service can cover the length of the country in 3 days and is the fastest service in the moving industry
  • We have over 20 strategically located truck and container trailer configurations that can accommodate the equivalent of a 6 bedroom household of furniture. These are for large volume regional moves, generally within the same island.
  • Our Northerner furniture unit is the biggest rig on the road. It can accommodate the equivalent of three complete households of furniture and effects in one journey. This unit is there for the very biggest moves and can be seen anywhere from the Far North to the bottom of the South Island.
  • In partnership with Kiwi Rail we provide a secure and reliable containerised rail service. It is a favourite of many customers due to the environmental benefits of rail vs the traditional road transport option.
  • We work closely with the major shipping companies to provide a containerised coastal shipping service to and from all of the major port cities on a rotational basis.  

Crown furniture movers specialise in the very biggest domestic moves to and from anywhere. All you need is a WIFI connection and we will take care of everything! Contact our friendly team on: 0508 227 696 or request a virtual survey or quick quote.

To find out more about Crown’s market leading domestic moving business click here

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