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Crown’s new Eco Truck – designed for the earth!

At Crown Relocations we are well aware that our activities impact the environment where excessive consumption and pollution pose a major threat to the planet and its inhabitants. After several years of planning we are delighted to announce another Crown environmental ‘game changer’, the arrival of our first hybrid removals truck, the Fuso Eco-Canter.

With hybrid truck technologies being relatively new the Fuso hybrids have now established their presence in the market by incorporating some unique design features at a price that is competitive with their diesel and petrol powered competitors. The great thing about the Eco Canter is that it is so much cleaner than a conventional diesel truck but also makes economic sense. We can now offer our customers a removals truck with superior environmental features while achieving significant fuel savings and efficiencies within our business. It’s a win — win situation all the way.

While the technology behind the Eco-Hybrid is complex, the concepts are simple. The power system incorporates both a diesel engine and an electric motor. Depending on the driving needs, the system switches between either power source or can use them both together. The system has 4 driving modes which ensure optimum power when starting, fuel efficiency and low emissions during normal driving, smooth response when accelerating and effective regeneration of the electrical supply when braking.

The Eco-Hybrid is especially effective for city driving where the stop/start system allows the driver to automatically turn the diesel engine on and off at traffic lights. The engine switches off when the driver engages the brake pedal and the truck stops. It restarts as soon as they lift their foot of the pedal in preparation for take-off. With a top end speed of 130kms per hour there is no issue with speed or power. The vehicle has already exceeded Fuso’s expectation by meeting Japan’s fuel economy standards 5 years ahead of schedule.

Crown New Zealand’s decision to move towards hybrid trucks is part of an integrated environmental programme that is driven by our ‘Destination Green’ committees. We are passionate about reducing our consumption of fossil fuels and the associated emission of greenhouse gases. We also understand that there’s a big difference between ‘thinking green’ and actually ‘being green’ Through our vehicle replacement programme we now have over 20 Toyota Prius and Camry hybrid cars on the road and move all of our long distance freight by rail not road. With respect to our fleet of removal trucks this is only the beginning, we already have a second hybrid truck on order and more will follow.

This article was written by James Logan, Country Manger of Crown Worldwide NZ Ltd. If you have any questions please feel free to contact James via email: [email protected]