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5 Reasons to Move to Tauranga

Nestled quietly along the eastern coastline is a city that’s home to New Zealand’s fastest-growing population. It is part of the “Golden Triangle” along with Auckland and Hamilton.

Why the Golden Triangle? Well, the three cities make up a triangle of economic growth and residential development. It is predicted that these three areas combined will be home to 53 percent of NZ’s population by 2031! There is a lot to like about Tauranga. In fact, it might just be one of the best places to live in New Zealand. If you are considering a move there, then you might like to know the five reasons why Tauranga is a fantastic place to live!

1. The Beach Lifestyle
A day spent in the office is much more bearable when that office is within a stone’s throw of a stunning beach. Life in Tauranga is all about those gorgeous shorelines. As part of the Bay of Plenty region – there are around 260 kilometres of coastline and beaches to choose from, including the famously beautiful surf and holiday spots of Mount Maunganui and Papamoa.

Take the kayak out for a spin after work, do a spot of fishing on the weekends, or get up early in the morning for a pre-work surf. Even a walk along those sandy shores is better than a walk anywhere else in the country.

2. Sunshine Aplenty
While Captain Cook named the Bay of Plenty area in honour of the plentiful fish, timber, and generous people, he could well have been referring to the sunshine. Tauranga is one of the sunniest places in the country, receiving an average of 2200 hours every year.

For people who like their climates mild, Tauranga is ideal. The summers are warm and dry – perfect for taking advantage of the great outdoor lifestyle on offer – and the winters are mild. You might see the odd frost overnight as temps drop to the low single digits, but during the day, you won’t freeze with averages of 10-15 degrees.

3. Small-Town Appeal With Big-Town Vibes
Although Tauranga is classed as one of the smaller cities (by area) in the country, the rapidly increasing population has made it New Zealand’s sixth-largest city by population. In 2019, more than 144,000 people called Tauranga home.
In spite of this, it generally doesn’t feel crowded here. Development has kept up with the influx of people, and there are plenty of housing options. There are great neighbourhoods throughout the entire city. So depending on whether you want the suburbs, outskirts, or coastal areas, there are plenty of options.

Otumoetai, Papamoa and Mt Maunganui are all coastal, so generally carry a slightly higher price tag. Yet, not everywhere is pricey. Tauranga Central and Gates Pa offer great, affordable options to get you into the area.

The city of Tauranga has kept pace with the growth by creating laneways to encourage walking and cycling, and infrastructure to meet cultural, business, and leisure needs. The public transport system crisscrossing the hubs is more than sufficient, and the local airport even offers domestic flights to the major centres.

4. Business And Pleasure
There’s a reason the residents of Tauranga rate their quality of life higher than people in other large cities in New Zealand. The work-life balance available here has a large part to play.

There are abundant employment opportunities in agriculture, healthcare, construction, education and retail – not to mention the hospitality industry. Regardless of what you do for a living, life just feels different in Tauranga thanks to the café culture and fabulous outdoor lifestyle that help keep things in perspective.

5. A Haven For Families
There’s no shortage of quality education for kids of all ages in Tauranga. With at least 67 schools in the region, you will find something that suits your family in the area you want to call home. Plus, because Tauranga is the up-and-coming place to be for kiwis, the calibre of teaching staff is high.

From fish and chips on the beach to exploring the nearby attractions on the weekends – think lakes, thermal attractions, forest, islands, and beaches – you will never run out of excellent family fun if you live in Tauranga!

Considering a move to Tauranga? Get in touch with us here at Crown World Mobility, call 0800 2 HELPU (0800 2 43578) or email: [email protected]