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Why choose Crown for your move to Asia?

Moving to Asia, the world’s most populous continent is one of the most exciting and daunting relocation experiences you could ever imagine. As a new arrival you should be aware that Asia’s opportunities can be challenging. Whether you are moving to the major commercial centres or less well known destinations you will be facing a new life that is very different.

There is no ‘one rule that fits all’ for relocating to Asia, due to striking regional contrasts and differences in terms of ethnicity, culture, history and environment. It stands to reason that one of the biggest decisions you make is which Moving Company you trust to pack and relocate your household goods and personal effects? It’s not just about the logistics of a move. Local business practices, social structures and language difficulties can combine to destabilise the best laid plans and there is a real risk of cost overruns, delays, customs issues and service failures.

Crown Relocations has over 50 years ‘on the ground’ relocation experience in Asia. Since 1970 our worldwide headquarters have been in Hong Kong and we have Crown operations in 24 Asian countries. It’s this ‘on the ground’ experience and ‘one company’ responsibility that separates us from all others. We combine the scale and expertise of a global market leader with a passionate commitment to each of the communities we serve. Our local Crown teams understand the cultural idiosyncrasies and daunting language barriers you will be facing not to mention the shock of arriving at some of the world’s most densely populated cities.

Before you even leave New Zealand, overall cost control and a clear understanding of compliances for your destination country are key factors. While a removals quote may appear reasonable in New Zealand the risk of additional costs due to compliance issues is a real one. Even the slightest hold up or delay in your schedule can be extremely expensive at Asia’s main destinations. Informed decisions need to be made about pets, motor vehicles, what to take and what are considered restricted items. Getting the paperwork right is very important as strict customs and security protocols apply to all shipments. We will not only give you a full briefing in New Zealand but also have a dedicated Crown Move Manager waiting to assist you in Asia.

If you choose an ‘agent to agent’ service or are dealing with franchises there may be little or no recourse in the event of delays, service issues, extra charges or insurance problems. Being in the hands of an agent means the rules are quite different. How can you pursue remedies when your contract is still back in New Zealand and you are trying to acclimatise to a new life. When you move with Crown there is only one company to deal with — the same company you started with and the same company that will honour all commitments made back in New Zealand.

You really need to have a great team at your side when arriving at an Asian location. With this in mind Crown have long established Social Clubs that are active right across Asia. All newly arrived Crown clients are automatically enrolled in the Crown Club, which organises events for networking and socialising. The groups also arrange excursions for adults and children. These may include junk trips, historical tours, shopping excursions, cultural events, amusement parks, museums and more. Thousands of Crown clients and their families have enjoyed the opportunity of forming new friendships and networking through their involvement with our social clubs.

At Crown we not only have the logistical experience we also have the right attitude. Our goal is to delight our customers. To us the customer experience is more important than our terms and conditions of contract. For example the Crown Touch Programme is a worldwide series of behavioral based training modules. The objective is for our operational crews to be excellent guests in your home, irrespective of race, religion or cultural differences. We provide all customers with ‘on line’ access to their own personal relocation files. This includes monitoring the progress of customs inspections and clearances, delivery updates and direct email contact with any Crown staff member involved in the journey.

Taking out marine insurance protection for a move to Asia is strongly recommended. While we take every precaution to safeguard your possessions, we cannot protect against unavoidable or unforeseen circumstances. Our Crown Care Protection Plan is the broadest and most user friendly insurance plan in the market. Best of all we manage our own policy and in the event of a claim you will deal directly with your local Crown office and not spend months dealing with 3rd party insurers and assessors. We see insurance as an extension of our service. This means our claims service is customer centric as opposed to minimising the claim value on behalf of the insurance industry.

Last but not least Crown’s service offer extends well beyond the provision of Moving and Storage Services. Any move to Asia requires in-depth preparation and we have a full range of Mobility Services to support any particular circumstances. You may need to know the process for obtaining a visa, or a greater understanding of the financial, healthcare and education systems. Property prices and living costs are generally much higher than we are used to, particularly in the major commercial centres. We have our own ‘in house’ visa service and specialised settlement teams who can provide additional support to every major destination. Whether planning to move to the suburbs of Delhi, the high rises of Hong Kong or understand the ring roads of Beijing we can provide expert assistance every step of the journey.

On behalf of Crown Relocations I would like to wish you all the best for your forthcoming relocation to  Asia. Whether you have a full household, a small shipment or would like information on our other services please doesn’t hesitate to contact us and find out why Crown Relocations are considered the very best in the international relocations business.

Written by James Logan, Country Manager of Crown  Worldwide (NZ) Ltd

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