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The Future of Mobility – It’s Mind Boggling!

At Crown World Mobility we are fortunate to have Crown’s Senior Global Projects Manager, Matt Crockett, based in our Auckland office. Matt is at the forefront of new innovation and IT solutions within the mobility industry. We asked Matt to give us an insight into what the future of global mobility technology might look like. Here’s his first offering;

Recently I was fortunate to receive an invitation to the ICEHouse 8th Annual Angel investment Showcase event in Auckland. There were pitches from 11 of New Zealand’s most promising start-up ventures, everything from a new form of Eco-Milk made from non-dairy protein sources, to super low cost rockets into low earth orbit. The quality and variety of pitches was impressive and within my specialist mobility subject there was one kiwi start up that really caught my eye!

FaceMe is a digital, human platform that is like Siri, Bixby and Alexa, with a real face and human emotion, tone and expression in speech. FaceMe is powered by a chat-bot API and replaces a human. The benefits of a FaceMe digital human is that they are available immediately on any device, can embody the company brand, answer thousands of questions… even those you wouldn’t want to ask a real human.

Best of all digital humans can provide an emotional connection which a chat bot cannot, without judgement. They’re not a replacement for everything, but imagine how much easier, and how much more personal the experience would be, to ask a digital human a question through a visual interface on your mobile phone rather than having to login in to a website or app.

For example, a fully developed digital human might provide a newly appointed assignee or transferee with their initial assignment briefing rather than a Human Resource or Mobility Consultant. At any time they could call the assignee to request additional documentation, an inventory, insurance declaration, passport or the like, rather than someone sending yet another email.

Once your assignees are on the move, or in place at their new posting this intelligent digital human can be available 24/7, across different time zones and for multiple purposes. The employer or their mobility partner could use FaceMe to deliver an ongoing and complete ‘end to end’ assignment experience. Things like emergency hotline information, local contact lists, company news bulletins, one on one briefings and even repatriation consults would all be possible. This is one innovation, I can really see enhancing the future of global mobility!

This is the first in a series on what mobility may look like in the future, we invite you to comment and let us know how you feel a ‘super brain’ digital human platform could support your transferees and assignees in the future? You can contact Crown’s Mobility Team on: 0800 243 578, or (+64) 9 415 7300, or call our Client Services Manager Sharon Brandt on +64 27 210 1074