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Move to Brisbane? Why Wouldn’t You!

A recent Australian census has revealed a ‘Kiwi invasion’ in Queensland, one which apparently is only gaining more traction as New Zealanders move to Australia in their droves to find better jobs, more affordable housing and a better way of life. Keen to become another statistic? Here are a few reasons why moving to Brisbane could be a good idea.

Job Hunting Made Easy

Thanks to an ongoing agreement between our two governments, Kiwis moving to Australia to work don’t need to apply for working visas (the two exceptions are if you’ve got a criminal record, or if you’ve had tuberculosis). This means that once you’ve found a job you’re interested in, you could start almost immediately. Brisbane is Australia’s fastest-growing capital city when it comes to employment, and local industries include construction, education, government, finance, manufacturing and transport. The area has seen an 89% increase in jobs advertised in the science and technology realms, plus a 40% increase in government and defence jobs. Of course, it’s always wise to have a job lined up before you get there, or at least some interviews, but if you’ve got the benefit of living with family while you look for work you might have more time up your sleeves.

Affordable Housing

Unless you’ve been living under a bridge, you’ll be aware that the cost of housing in New Zealand is through the roof, particularly in Auckland. Compared to Auckland’s median house price of $830,800, Brisbane sits at A$495,000 (Sydney is at a whopping A$1,077,000). While some of New Zealand’s smaller towns and regions still offer housing at much more affordable rates, the lifestyle benefits don’t always fit. Brisbane, then, combines a great lifestyle and warm weather with comparatively affordable housing to make it appealing for many New Zealanders. Just beware that the most affordable houses might not be as close to the city centre as you might like.

Sports & Recreation

When it comes to sport and recreation, there are plenty of local options for spectators and adrenalin junkies alike, including rugby league, cricket and AFL. Brisbane is also an outdoors-enthusiast’s paradise. If heights are your friend, head to Kangaroo Point and abseil down the cliff-face. Water sports like kayaking and swimming are popular too, not to mention walking, running or cycling along the Brisbane River.

Big Expat Community

Brisbane is a popular destination for many Kiwis, because many other Kiwis already live there. While Aussies are already pretty similar to us, there’s nothing quite like enjoying a quiet one over a fresh pavlova topped with kiwifruit with a bunch of other New Zealanders. Home to about 2.4 million people and the third most-populated city in Australia, Brisbane is the kind of city that could be easy to get lost in, so it’s important to ‘find your people’ when you get there. Try organisations like InterNations to connect with Kiwis in Brisbane.

Warm Weather

We couldn’t write an article about the reasons you should move to Brisbane without listing the weather as a major ‘pro’; after all, it is the reason why so many Kiwis book holidays in Queensland. Summers are warm and winters are mild, and the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast beaches are easy drives away so there are always plenty of opportunities to get out and about in the surf and sun.

As with any major life decision, always make sure you do your research. There’s currently some talk in the media about the rights Kiwis have (or the lack thereof) while living in Australia, so find out what you are entitled to before committing.

Done your research and decided that a move to Brisbane is right up your alley, but worried that moving overseas isn’t easy? Talk to the friendly team at Crown Relocations today; we can offer you a free no-obligations relocation quote and give you plenty of international relocation advice along the way — we’ll even provide a relocation checklist to make your move easier, plus shipping and storage quotes just in case you want greater flexibility around your move from New Zealand.

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