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5 Top Destinations for Your Move to Australia

Sometimes you don’t fully appreciate something until it’s taken away from you. Take Australia, for example. This epic country has always been so accessible for New Zealanders to move to Australia that we may have taken it for granted.

The pandemic took away the easy access to our neighbours to the north. Many Kiwis have missed them… some so much that they are seriously considering moving to Australia permanently!

Luckily, the Trans-Tasman bubble has brought Australia and NZ back together, so if you have been thinking of moving from NZ to Australia, the dream is again within your reach.

But where to go? Australia is no small nation, and each area has its own charms. To help you narrow down the options, we have compiled a summary of the top 5 spots.

Booming Brisbane

The third-largest city in Australia offers a little bit of everything. Located in sunny Queensland, this big city Brisbane boasts skyscrapers and malls but is just a stone’s throw away from some prime natural attractions, such as the beaches of the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, and the stunning Great Barrier Reef.

The weather is pleasantly warm (warmer than Sydney and Melbourne) with average temperatures ranging from 11 to 30 degrees Celsius, depending on the time of year. You will find that the lifestyle is laid-back. Public transport is well organised, and Brisbane’s economy is one of the best in Australia.

Job wise, you will find opportunities in health care, retail, hospitality, tourism, construction, and education. Housing tends to be a bit pricey in the inner suburbs, although it’s still cheaper than Sydney and Melbourne, as is the cost of living in general.

Sophisticated Sydney

If you are making the move to Australia for your career, Sydney is an excellent choice. This bustling city in New South Wales offers the best job prospects in Australia, with an unemployment rate below the national average. The most popular industries are financial and professional services, manufacturing and construction.

Sydney is for urban-lovers. With around five million residents, it’s the biggest city in the country. But that’s not to say there are no natural attractions on offer – it is Australia, after all! With the consistently great weather and plenty of sunshine, you will be able to spend your days off at iconic Bondi Beach.

Along with the job opportunities, Sydney is famed for its education opportunities. It hosts several world-class universities and has been named the sixth-best city in the world for students.

Bear in mind that Sydney is also the most expensive Australian city, especially when it comes to housing. Traffic can be rough, but luckily, the public transport system is one of the cheapest in the world!

Affordable Adelaide

Looking to stretch your kiwi dollars a bit further? Look no further than Adelaide in South Australia. House prices here are the lowest of any major Australian city.

Job opportunities are abundant, too, particularly for those working in healthcare, education, and manufacturing.

So, you can afford to work and live in Adelaide, but what’s the lifestyle like? It must be pretty good if the city has been ranked as the fifth most livable in the world more than once.

If you enjoy a vibrant cultural scene, live music, great restaurants, and some top-notch wines, you will feel right at home.

The weather is warm but not too humid, there are plenty of green spaces and beaches, and some enchanting wine regions to visit on the weekend. Want to know more? Click to ‘Discover Adelaide‘!

Downsides? Every city has them. Adelaide has slightly higher unemployment rates and lower wages than many other Australian cities, and those with a taste for the fast-life may find it a little quiet.

Prosperous Perth

If the New Zealand winters are getting you down, it’s time to pack your bags ready for shipping to Australia. This Western Australian city has more sunshine hours than any other. It’s hot, to say the least.

Just over two million people live in Perth, but they are spread out over a 5000 square kilometres area, so it certainly doesn’t feel too packed.

There’s a lot going on in this thriving spot. Foreign industries have invested considerable money into ventures here – from 3D printing to sustainable energy production.

Career-wise, you will find opportunities in hospitality, mining, tourism, financial services, and information and communications technology.

Perth is somewhat isolated, though. You are a three-hour flight away from the nearest Australian city, but the bonus is you are nice and close to fantastic holiday destinations like Indonesia and Malaysia.

Perth is one of the more affordable cities, but house prices have been increasing over the last few years.

Multicultural Melbourne

Melbourne is a natural draw-card for culture-vultures and sports-lovers. Currently the second-largest city in the country, it has a similar climate to New Zealand, with cooler temperatures for those who can’t handle the intense heat further north.

However, Melbourne is growing quickly, and experts predict that it may soon overtake Sydney to become the largest urban area in the country. This means plenty of job opportunities, particularly in the automotive industry, aviation, building and construction, and engineering.

Although less expensive than Sydney, Melbourne is pricier than other cities. The cost of living is higher, and traffic can be a problem at times, with unreliable public transport systems to boot.

For students, there are some excellent universities in Melbourne, such as the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, The University of Melbourne, and Monash University.

So, Where Should You Move To?

The toughest thing about a move to Australia is deciding where you want to settle down. From the tropical climes of Perth to the beaches of Brisbane and the world-class cities of Sydney and Melbourne, there’s a lot to consider.

Australia has many things to offer, so could be the perfect place for your next adventure.

Don’t stress about having to transport all of your belongings. With Crown Relocations, the easiest part of relocating to Australia is shipping your life over! No matter where you go, we can help you get there.

Check out why Crown Relocations are considered the very best moving company for your Trans-Tasman move to Australia. Contact us today for a FREE no-obligation quote, call 0508 227 696 today!

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