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5 Great Reasons To Call The Kapiti Coast Home

If you can’t decide whether you want the excitement of a big city or the beauty of pristine natural spaces, why not move to a spot where you get the best of both worlds?

The Kapiti Coast stretches up the south-western coast of the North Island and is an increasingly popular place to live.

Offering 40 kilometres of beaches and a handful of warm and welcoming small towns, the area is only a short commute from the capital city of Wellington. Living here means enjoying all the natural attractions of the area without sacrificing the convenience and amenities provided by the nearby city – not to mention the lower cost of housing outside of the central urban areas.

From the creative hub that is Paekakariki in the south to the heritage-laden town of Otaki in the north, the Kapiti Coast is brimming with character and is an attractive place for those looking to move to the Wellington area.

Let’s look at the top five reasons you should move there!

Big City Convenience

Wellington City is a beautiful, creative, bustling place, full of cultural attractions, businesses, and shops galore – but not everyone wants to live in such a busy spot. Luckily, the Kapiti Coast is only a short commute away from the city centre. So, you can enjoy the cafes, bars, and shops of Wellington by day and return home to wide open green spaces in the evening.

Worried about daily traffic jams and petrol costs? Don’t fret, the expressway between the Kapiti Coast and the city can get you to work in around 30 minutes, or you can make use of the train system if you don’t fancy driving.

Moving to the Kapiti Coast is a piece of cake no matter where you are coming from. Choose a Wellington moving company and you can drive, catch the train, or even fly in thanks to the area’s excellent transport links.

Untouched Natural Beauty

Like to spend your days out exploring nature? You will be spoiled for choice in the Kapiti Coast!

For bird watchers, there’s the stunning Kapiti Island to explore or Waikanae – the bird capital of Kapiti. For hikers, cyclists, or horse-riders, there are plenty of trails throughout the region to hit on those sunny weekends.

And of course, beaches aplenty for all your marine-based activities – from surfing and fishing to swimming and good old sunbathing!

Plenty Of Sunshine

While nearby Wellington has a reputation for being rather windblown, the Kapiti Coast has no such affliction. The area has warmer summers and milder winters, and far less of those gales that the big city sees.

The average temperatures range from around 7 degreees at their lowest and peak around 25 degrees in summer. Temperatures rarely drop below 3 degrees even overnight.

Family-Friendly Vibes

One of the main reasons relocation companies are so busy in the Kapiti Coast is that it’s such a fantastic place for families. The various towns in the area are close-knit communities, where people greet you with a friendly smile and there are always local events, markets, clubs, and activities to get stuck into.

Aside from all the fun to be had outdoors, there are plenty of facilities to keep the kids happy, such as the great Coastlands Aquatic Centre, where they can hone their swimming skills before hitting the beach.

Affordable Lifestyle

When it comes to housing, you get a lot more bang for your buck in the Kapiti Coast than you would closer to Wellington city. Think a bigger house, a sprawling garden, and maybe even a bit of land to spread out on – all only a stone’s throw from your nearest beach.

The average house value in the district throughout 2020 was $657,152 compared to an average of $734,689 in the rest of New Zealand. And when it comes to the cost of living in general, the Wellington region overall is cheaper than either Auckland or Christchurch.

Some of the most popular suburbs are Waikanae, Raumati and Paraparaumu. Each is well equipped with public transport, supermarkets, childcare, great schools and plenty of entertainment options. With great family-friendly community vibes, all are fantastic places to live.

There’s a lot to love about the Kapiti Coast, and its popularity is only rising. If you are thinking about calling this stunner of a place home and need a moving company to help you get there, contact Crown Relocation today for a free moving quote. Call us on: 0508 227 696 or complete a quote form online

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