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Cromwell – A World of Difference

Cromwell certainly has an exciting heritage to discover. Founded in the middle of a gold rush in the 1860s, this town in Central Otago started with a boom.

Today’s Cromwell is attracting new residents in hordes. Situated in a gorgeous and historic region, with a close proximity to New Zealand’s top tourist areas, and a burgeoning tourist industry of its own all make Cromwell a fantastic place to live. Let’s dive a little deeper and find out why you should consider calling Cromwell home.

A Natural Adventure Playground

Let’s face it – people don’t relocate to New Zealand to spend their time sitting indoors. The best thing about this country is its fantastic landscapes and the adventures they provide. Cromwell is no different. Set in Central Otago, there are diverse landscapes that take the breath away, and Lake Dunstan is right at the centre of it all. Step outside and take advantage of hiking, water sports, mountain biking, or skiing. If all that sounds too energetic, simply take in all the amazing views from one of the area’s top wineries.

Easily Accessible To Major Tourist Centres

While the gold in the rivers has dried up, there’s plenty of gold to be made (metaphorically) in the nearby tourist hotspots of Queenstown and Lake Wanaka. If you work in hospitality or the tourism industries but want a more affordable and quieter vibe, Cromwell is an ideal choice.

Cromwell is only around 50 kilometres away from Queenstown and Wanaka, and you won’t be sitting in traffic on your 50-minute commute to work! Even if you don’t work in those tourist towns, how great would it be to be able to pop over for a quick ski or night out on the weekends?

A Booming Economy Means Booming Job Opportunities

Cromwell’s population of around 5,610 (in 2018) is predicted to double within the next 30 years. As such, developments are already underway to accommodate the influx of people.

While orchard and vineyard work is still around, there are opportunities for those in the construction industry, with new subdivisions and developments rapidly sprouting.

If you have the entrepreneurial spirit, then there is plenty of scope to start your own business (or run an existing business). Well situated in the lower half of the South Island, there is easy access to both domestic and international airports if you need to travel. Plus, it has great internet speeds and is slated to be one of the first towns in New Zealand to enjoy Hyperfibre!

A Strong Sense of Community

While Cromwell is expanding quickly, it still has that small-town vibe! This is a community that band together but welcome new members with open arms. The town has even formed a club especially to make new residents feel welcome, called The Cromwell Newcomers Network.

There’s one high school and two primary schools, plus local golf, squash, and bowls clubs where you can socialise and get to know everyone.

The local mall has everything you need to get by, but new amenities are popping up, with pharmacies, gyms, supermarkets, and retail stores appearing recently. There’s even a new 94-unit retirement village!

The Seasons Are Magnificent

While some areas of New Zealand don’t have dramatic seasonal changes, Cromwell offers the complete package, and all the joys that come with four distinct seasons.

Summer is long and scorching, so you can really enjoy the Lake. Autumn paints the landscapes with fiery hues. Winter brings snowy mountains and snow sports. And spring allows you to appreciate the blooming of new life as you prepare to do it all over again!

Offering the same magnificent landscapes and climate as Queenstown and Wanaka, at a fraction of the price, it’s no surprise that Cromwell is experiencing a boom. If you’re after a small-town vibe with incredible natural attractions and huge scope for growth, consider relocating to Cromwell today! Contact us for a moving quote to get started, call our moving experts on: (NZ) 0508 227 696 or request a free moving quote online.

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