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5 Reasons to call New Zealand Home

Are you planning to move to New Zealand?

New Zealand is one of the top destinations in the world with its clean green natural image, scenery, adventure, culture and friendly people. It’s not surprising that every year, thousands of people make the decision to move ‘down-under’ to the Land of the Long White Cloud, also known as ‘Aotearoa’.

When it comes to quality of life Kiwis have the right balance to work, live and play. Whether it’s the arts, sports, the outdoors or just more quality family time that you value, New Zealand has a lot to offer.

So what makes New Zealand such a popular choice? Here are the top 5 reasons why individuals and families move to New Zealand:

1. Beautiful Scenery

The spectacular landscape in New Zealand is renowned all over the world. It truly is a breath-taking country which has long drawn tourist and expats. This island nation needs to be explored thoroughly from the North to the very bottom of the South Island in order to fully experience the diverse landscape there. From lush green mountains to idyllic lakes and icy glaciers, New Zealand has it all.

2. Quality of Life

New Zealand is leading the curve in so many ways, from politics and healthcare to education and environment conservation. The country is known to be a progressive nation. It was the first country to grant women voting rights and among the first to introduce an 8-hour work day.

New Zealanders do work hard but they also find time to enjoy the finer things in life. Life in New Zealand is famous for being laidback and quiet. This relaxed pace of life will give you the time to enjoy everything our vibrant modern cities have to offer, definitely not something you get to experience in other big cities.

3. Multicultural Society

Kiwis are known to be open-minded, friendly and welcoming. One thing you will treasure most about living in New Zealand is how down-to-earth and friendly New Zealanders are, you’ll feel right at home in no time!

A quarter of the nation’s population are of other nationalities and culture. In cities such as Auckland and Wellington, you will find an array of people from all over the world such as British, South African, Canadian, French, Chinese and Indian, they have settled here, making the country a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities.

4. Work Opportunities

Looking for work opportunities in New Zealand? Due to the booming economy and the low population density, skilled workers are currently in unprecedented demand in New Zealand’s economic market. With a wide range of job openings across an array of industries, NZ companies are in need of people with a range of interests, skills, experiences and backgrounds to take up jobs that can’t be filled locally. New Zealand Immigration can be complex and increasingly so, given the current border closures. It’s important to have the right advice and information.

Contact our Crown World Mobility team for more information. To find out what working in New Zealand is like and how New Zealanders approach work, visit the Immigration New Zealand website.

5. Education in New Zealand

Schools in New Zealand have a great reputation. Their higher education institutions are ranked as some of the best in the world. On top of that, their top-notch facilities will create an idyllic childhood for your children. Many expats who relocate to New Zealand choose to enrol their children in state (government funded) schools, given the high standard available. Enrolment within state schools is usually strictly governed by zoning, so you’ll usually need to find a house in the right zone or area, before your child can enrol. The New Zealand housing market is really fast paced, so it’s important to have the right advice and impartial support to make sure you can make the right choices, quickly.

Although there are private schools available, there are no traditional ‘International Schools’ in New Zealand, although certain International Curriculums are available at selected schools.

If you require assistance with finding a school and getting enrolled, please contact our Crown World Mobility team who provides School Search Programmes, along with Home Finding Support Options. Selecting the correct school for your child is a vital part of a successful relocation and can play a significant role in influencing where you choose to live.

Move to New Zealand, next steps

To get a free, no obligation quote for your move to New Zealand complete the quote form online. For more detailed information please connect with our friendly team via email: [email protected] or complete a contact form.

Family relocation experience to New Zealand

11-year-old Noah and his family have recently moved to New Zealand, leaving behind his friends and the familiarity of his home.
For some, the emotional and cultural challenges of entering unfamiliar territory can be overwhelming. Noah and his mother Akiyo share with us a little bit about them and their preparations to relocating to New Zealand. Watch Noah’s video here!
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