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The Climate-Conscious Edge: Crown New Zealand’s Rail Transportation for Low Carbon Moves

In an era marked by growing environmental concerns and a pressing need for sustainable solutions, the moving industry is finding meaningful ways to contribute to a healthier planet.

Crown Relocations NZ is taking an important step towards low-carbon transportation by incorporating rail services into their service offerings. Rail transportation not only streamlines the moving process but also minimises the carbon footprint, making it a win-win for both customers and the environment.

Efficiency in Motion:

Rail transportation offers a wide range of benefits that align with Crown Relocations dedication to delivering exceptional services while upholding environmental responsibility. Here’s why opting for rail transportation with Crown could be a game-changer!

Reduced Carbon Emissions:

Rail transport is widely recognised as one of the most energy-efficient and low-emission modes of transportation. Trains emit significantly fewer greenhouse gases per ton-kilometre compared to trucks. This is due to the nature of moving larger quantities of goods over longer distances using less fuel per unit of cargo. The New Zealand Rail Plan put forward by The Ministry of Transport in April 2021, states that “on average, every tonne of freight moved by rail produces at least 70 percent less carbon emissions compared with heavy road freight[1]”.

To use a more real-world scenario, if Crown were to relocate an average three-bedroom home (20ft container) from Mt. Albert in Auckland to New Brighton in Christchurch using rail for part of the journey, the carbon emissions would be 45% less* than if the entire journey was made by road. By choosing rail, customers can directly contribute to lowering carbon emissions associated with their move.

Reliability and Security:

Rail services provide are liable and consistent transport. Crown relocations integration of rail transport into their services ensures that your belongings are on a secure, fixed schedule, reducing the chances of delays and ensuring a smoother move. 


Rail transportation can be more cost-effective than road transportation, especially for long-distance moves. Where the use of rail services results in cost savings this can then be passed on to the customers.

Reduced Road Congestion:

Rail transport takes trucks off the road, alleviating road congestion and contributing to safer and more efficient highways. This not only benefits the environment but also the overall road infrastructure.

Comprehensive Coverage:

Crown Relocation’s rail transportation services cover key routes, ensuring connectivity across different parts of the country. This makes it a viable option for moves that span various locations in New Zealand.

Crown Relocations integration of rail transportation demonstrates our commitment to reducing carbon emissions. By offering our customers the choice to choose rail transport, we empower individuals and families to make environmentally responsible choices during a significant life transition. By encouraging rail transportation, we are setting an example for the moving industry, showcasing that innovative solutions can benefit both businesses and the planet. We know this is the right thing to do.


So, if you’re considering a move within New Zealand, why not choose a company that not only understands the importance of a sustainable approach but also actively incorporates it into their services? Contact us today for a free consultation and quote.


*Scenario assumes the rail journey includes some road transport to and from the home to the railway station. Emissions have been calculated using Ministry for the Environment’s ‘Measuring emissions: A guide for organisations: 2023 summary of emission factors’.

[1] Ministry of Transport (2019), Real-world fuel economy of heavy trucks, Transport Knowledge Conference 2019 (available on the Ministry of Transport’s website

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