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Destination Dunedin

Dunedin is a little slice of Scotland with a Kiwi twist! This character-filled city is modelled on Edinburgh and offers fantastic Victorian architecture, unique New Zealand flora and fauna, a steadily growing economy, and awesome quality of life.

With an average commute of only 15 minutes into the inner city, Dunedin is a fantastic place to base yourself in New Zealand for a blend of convenience, character, and old-school style. If you are considering relocating to this gorgeous city, then here are five reasons to make the move.

1. It’s A Book-Lovers Paradise

Dunedin became a UNESCO Creative City of Literature in 2014. It is an area that lives and breathes books, celebrating and nurturing readers and authors of all genres. In this famous university town (New Zealand’s very first university was established here in 1869), there’s an air of learning and discovery in the streets.

The city has bred famous authors like Janet Frame, James K Baxter, Hone Tuwhare, and Thomas Bracken (who actually penned our national anthem!) These famous literary names were all either born and bred in Dunedin, or called the city home at some point in their lives.

Bookworms can enjoy book launches, seminars, workshops, writer’s retreats, festivals, poetry readings and theatre performances. To find out more and learn what’s on and when, click here.

2. You Will See Some Unique Native Wildlife

Lying at the head of the Otago Harbour means a bunch of native wildlife is right on the doorstep. Just 32 kilometres from the city centre you will find the world’s only mainland breeding colony of royal albatross. Visit the observatory at the Royal Albatross Centre to see these magnificent birds nesting.

You can also see the Yellow Eyed penguin (Hoiho) – one of the world’s rarest penguins. When you explore the many walking tracks, you are likely to spot NZ fur seals and sea lions, and cute little blue penguins too!

3. Live An Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

With such incredible natural wonders in the region, Dunedin is all about protecting the environment. They are working to be carbon zero by 2030. This was recently brought forward from a target of 2050 as the city sees a real need to take action against climate change. As such, they have great recycling systems and waste reduction programs which are continually being upgraded.

They also have plenty of eco-friendly businesses operating in the region. They supply sustainable options for many different consumables – from packaging to insulation and organic products. Not to mention funeral services, building options and accommodation.

4. The Job Market Is Thriving

Dunedin is primed for growth, with massive new developments planned over the next few years, including an epic new hospital, upgrades to the central city and waterfront, new cycle ways, and environmental projects. And with growth come job opportunities galore!

The tech scene here is booming. With “gig-speed internet,” Dunedin claims to be the most connected city in the Southern Hemisphere. You will find positions available in the tech and finance industries, as well as roles in engineering, manufacturing and production, civil construction, trades, and medicine.

5. Dunedin People Are Happier!

In 2018, residents of this beautiful town were asked to rate their quality of life. A whopping 87 percent declared that it was good, very good, or extremely good! By comparison, the other NZ cities surveyed only managed 80 percent.

Clearly, Dunedin is doing something right! Maybe it’s the fact that it won the title of the Most Beautiful City in the 2018 Keep NZ Beautiful Awards. Or perhaps it’s the lack of traffic, the natural beauty, the lower cost of living, or the abundance of musical, sporting and social events on offer. Whatever the reason, the majority of the 130,000 people in this city are enjoying their lives to the fullest.

Considering a move to Dunedin? Get in touch with us here at Crown World Mobility, call 0800 2 HELPU (0800 2 43578) or email: [email protected]

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