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Made for the Earth

Meet our new Hino 915 Hybrid truck

Within Crown we understand that our services and activities impact the environment. The effects of global population growth, excessive consumption and pollution have led to serious questions being asked about the way large companies operate. Our goal is to positively address environmental issues and exceed the expectations of  the communities we serve. We are very excited to have recently added another electric hybrid truck to be based at our Auckland Branch. The Hino 915 is an exciting addition to our extensive nationwide fleet of over 20 hybrid cars and trucks.

It’s not hard to understand the appeal of the Hino 915, it’s a hybrid electric light-duty truck that generates low emissions, maximises efficiency, reduces fuel consumption and is low-maintenance. The new Hino is exactly what we need for relocating customers into and out of  inner city apartments and within the greater Auckland area.

To say the Hino is fuel efficient is doing this vehicle no justice. It utilises an adaptive control system that continually regulates the amount of fuel assistance vs engine only power. When the vehicle reaches cruising speed, the motor is at its most efficient, so the hybrid switches to engine only driving. Even the braking system creates energy that is stored and reused to generate more power.

Auckland Operations Manager Peter Bass is one who has been impressed by the new  addition to our fleet: “It’s an awesome  truck, the first thing we noticed was it’s fuel efficiency which lowers operating costs and significantly reduces our emissions when we are sitting  in the Auckland traffic jams. It drives like a dream, has  plenty of capacity, a space age control system, automatic transmission, and a foot operated tailgate lift that does the heavy lifting for us.”

The purchase of this Hino truck is part of Crown’s ‘Destination Green’ programme. We invite all customers moving around town to call us and ask for an Eco Move. We will be delighted to demonstrate the qualities of our electric hybrid fleet first hand.