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Moving to Benelux what you need to know

Consisting of three of western Europe’s most beautiful countries — Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg — the Benelux region is becoming a popular expat destination for Kiwis, and many others from across the world.

What is Benelux?
The term Benelux was first created back in 1944, when Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg came together to form an official union.

To this day, the Benelux region shares a parliament together, as well as a court of justice. However, ‘Benelux’ is more commonly used to refer to the geographic and cultural grouping of the three countries, rather than their shared political system.

The countries of Benelux
Belgium – often described as the ‘Essence of Europe’, is world renowned for its stunning architecture and world-class cuisine, as well as it’s cosmopolitan capital city Brussels.

The Netherlands – defined by its unique diversity and rich cultural experiences. The country is surrounded by water, making for beautiful lakes and canals, and you’d be missing out if you never tried any of their delicacies, like stroopwaffel, bitteballs, Dutch pancakes, and their famed local beer.

Luxembourg – by far the smallest of the three countries, Luxembourg boasts one of the most beautiful, undisturbed landscapes in Europe, as well as some of the most impressive castles and fortifications.

Old school meets new school
Iconic Benelux cities like Amsterdam, Brussels, Bruges, Luxembourg City and Rotterdam combine traditional European architecture, churches, cathedrals and cobblestoned streets, with ‘new school’ elements, like contemporary art galleries, museums and shopping opportunities.

Urban centres are normally offset by the region’s uninhibited natural landscapes – relaxing green spaces like parks, nature walks and conservational wildlife areas are common throughout Benelux.

Finding work in Benelux
Kiwis have it good — if you’re aged between 18 and 30, you’re eligible for a ‘Working Holiday Visa’ in all of Benelux’s countries. This Working Holiday Visa allows you to work in either Belgium, the Netherlands, or Luxembourg for up to 12 months, with the ability to extend it after this period (pending your employment situation).

While many different languages are spoken throughout the region, expats are typically able to find English-speaking work relatively easily.

Exploring Europe from Benelux
Based anywhere in Benelux, you’re in prime position to explore the rest of the Europe through buses, trains and cheap airfares.

Mere hours away, you’ll find destinations like Paris, Nice, London, Berlin, Geneva, Copenhagen, Budapest and countless others — there’s no better position to be in all of Europe.

Thinking about moving to Benelux?
The Crown Relocations network covers all corners of Europe. We provide competitive quotations to each of the Benelux countries.

If you’re thinking of heading to Belgium, the Netherlands, or Luxembourg for your next adventure, get in touch with us on: 0508 227 696 or complete the Quote Wizard to find out how we can help!