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Five Reasons Perth is #1 For Fun!

White sand beaches, year-round sunshine, promising career pathways, and the most chilled out Aussies you’ll ever find — what’s not to love about Perth? If you’re thinking about relocating to Western Australia’s capital city, here’s what you’ve got to look forward to.

1. Great jobs
After a brief period of instability, Perth’s job market is right on track to return to its former glory days. The city’s core industries like mining, energy, resources, and construction are actively seeking new workers, while growth sectors like IT, health care, finance, and education are becoming some of the biggest employers in Western Australia. Want more information on the job market in Perth? Check out our blog Find Jobs and Adventure in Perth about the subject.

2. Laid back lifestyle
Perth holds the official title for the sunniest state capital in Australia, averaging almost 9 hours of sunshine per day, and 265 sunny days per year. Couple this with the 19 white sand beaches occupying the city’s coastline, and you get a fair idea of what life’s like in Perth.

A far cry from the uber-busy Sydney and Melbourne, Perth’s residents spend a fair chunk of their life outside, at the beach, or at a mate’s barbeque. Not a bad way to live, right?
The city’s low population density increases the sense of community among locals, and means lower levels of stress, traffic, and unemployment. You can read more about Perth’s lifestyle here.

3. You’ll never get bored
Whether it’s just you, or you’ve got your partner and kids in tow, Perth boasts a long list of different sights to see and things to do:

  • Food and drink: Perth is home to world-renowned wineries, restaurants and cafes
  • Wildlife: From seasonal whale watching and dolphin swimming, to snorkelling and Quokka-spotting on Rottnest Island, visiting Penguin Island or Seal Island, to the variety of zoos and aquariums across the city — Perth’s wide range of wildlife attractions
  • Natural beauty: Being such an outdoor-oriented city, there’s free guided walks, hiking tracks, cycling routes, natural parks and gardens, and picturesque spots like Swan River to go and check out
  • History and culture: Places like Perth City, Northbridge, Subiaco and Fremantle are live music hotspots, while Australia’s dark history is on display in Fremantle Prison. Perth is also renowned for its Aboriginal art galleries, which can be found in different galleries around the city

These lists could go on forever! For more details, check out

4. Affordable cost of living
According to the Expatistan service, Perth ranks as the third most affordable city in Australia, and the fifth most affordable in Oceania. As of January 2018, the average house price is $525,000, and experts agree the market will remain stable in approaching months — which is good news for prospective buyers. Renting a furnished apartment will cost between $1,900 and $2,600, while internet, food, and utilities are among the cheapest in Australia.

5. International access
Perth may be far away from the rest of Australia, but the city’s international Airport means you’re only one flight away from the world’s most popular destinations. The Airport is the fourth busiest in Australia, and offers a range of direct, non-stop flights at good prices.

Are you looking to move to Perth?
For more information about Perth, be sure to check out our ‘Moving to Perth’ webpage. To request a free, no obligations quote click here or get in touch with our team by emailing [email protected] or calling 0508 227 696.