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Why Queensland is Recruiting Kiwi Police Officers

The Queensland Police Force has recently expanded its recruitment initiative to include New Zealand, offering enticing financial incentives to qualified Kiwi officers willing to make the move. This strategic decision aims to bolster the strength and diversity of Queensland’s law enforcement. Let’s explore the reasons for this targeted recruitment and the generous financial packages that are turning heads.


A High Standard of Policing

New Zealand’s police force enjoys a reputation for its outstanding training, community rapport, and effectiveness. Queensland seeks to augment its existing resources with officers trained to these high standards.

Mutual Learning and Best Practices

The partnership provides an exchange of valuable experiences and policing methods between the two nations, ultimately benefitting law enforcement standards in both countries.

Quick Deployment and Readiness

Kiwi officers are renowned for their agility and rapid response capabilities. Queensland aims to enhance its existing operational efficiencies with these fresh recruits.

Geographic and Cultural Proximity

The close geographic distance and cultural similarities make for a smooth transition for New Zealand officers, benefiting them as well as the communities they will serve in Queensland.

Unmatched Financial Incentives

One of the most compelling aspects of this recruitment drive is the financial package being offered. Queensland is providing up to $20,000 in relocation funds to successful candidates making the transition easier financially than ever before.

Additional Financial Benefits:

  • Competitive salaries and allowances
  • Pension schemes and healthcare benefits
  • Opportunities for paid overtime and promotions
  • Benefits to Kiwi Police Officers

Professional Development

The Australian experience offers varied challenges and opportunities, paving the way for enhanced career growth.

Quality of Life

Australia is well-regarded for its quality of life, including world-class healthcare and educational systems, which are additional draws for potential recruits.


Joining the Queensland Police Force opens extensive networking opportunities in the international law enforcement community.

Queensland’s strategy to recruit Kiwi police officers is an intelligent move that promises mutual benefits. With the additional allure of up to $20,000 in relocation funds, this initiative is not only enhancing the Queensland Police Force but is also providing an exceptional career and financial opportunity for New Zealand officers. Both countries stand to gain from this collaboration, which serves as an excellent example of international cooperation for the benefit of community safety and law enforcement standards.


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If you’d like to learn more, read our information on managing money when moving overseas
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