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5 Reasons Kiwis Love Adelaide, Australia

It is no secret that Kiwis love moving to Australia. In fact, in some areas of Oz, it seems like there are more Kiwis than Australians! Adelaide is no exception. It is the perfect destination for Kiwis that love a bit of heritage, great food, cultural immersion, and a touch of sophistication.

If you enjoy sipping wine, multi-cultural dining options and excellent boutique shopping, then you can look forward to calling Adelaide home.

So, how did this city become such a vibrant place?

Adelaide’s Australian History

Part of the vibrancy began when South Australia was the only state established by voluntary emigration. Yes, that’s right, SA is the only convict-free state and was established as a free colony. Because all the residents chose to call Adelaide home, they are all incredibly passionate about their city.

But you can see why these Australians love their city so much, there are a lot of things to love! Apart from the friendly people and welcoming atmosphere, there is a warm climate, affordable housing, and very little traffic. It is no wonder that Adelaide is consistently ranked in the top 10 most livable cities in the world.

Now that we know a little more about the city and its rich history, let’s dive in and look at the 5 things you will absolutely LOVE about Adelaide.

The Vibe

Even though Adelaide is a large city with more than a million inhabitants, it feels a lot more like a large town. The city has been very well planned with plenty of rectangle blocks, straight roads and green spaces galore. The streets are wide, with plenty of off-street parking, making it easy to get around with your own vehicle (unlike many areas in NZ!).

The vibe is casual and laid back, which matches its Mediterranean climate. Even though there isn’t much in the way of designer label shopping, there is still plenty of retail therapy to be had. Plus, there is always online shopping as the area is well serviced for parcel deliveries!

Cultural Explosion

Adelaide is known for having a rich and vibrant culture. This comes in many different forms, meaning you will constantly find new things to love about the city.

Known as the “city of churches”, you can explore these beautiful historical buildings in all their glory. Many are still in operation, their beautiful architecture a window into the city’s past. The city is also bursting with plenty of other gorgeous heritage architecture, that will surprise you around almost any corner.

There is a bustling art scene in Adelaide with an Art Gallery that boasts more than 38,000 works and a revolving display of national and international exhibits. Regularly catch concerts at the Adelaide Oval, or plays at the Festival Centre, not to mention the live music and comedy acts featuring at bars across the city every weekend. There are museums and galleries dotted across the region, as well as festivals and events celebrating the arts.

With a population of 1.3 million, the city is filled with many different cultures. The influence is mostly European with Brits, Italians, Greeks and Germans being the biggest cultural groups after native born Australians and Kiwis. It is thought that approximately a quarter of Adelaide’s residents were born overseas.


If you are looking for affordable Australian housing then Adelaide is the place to go! The houses prices are much more reasonable than in the other states. This is a refreshing change for Aucklanders who have been used to sky rocketing prices!

Try North Brighton, Henley Beach and Glenelg for coastal style living within a 30 minute commute of the city. Then you have Kensington with its close proximity to the city (only a 10 minute drive) and Victorian style housing, or Black Forest, a 13 minute drive from the city with plenty of surrounding parklands.

It is not just the housing that is reasonable, Adelaide is actually Australia’s most affordable big city as a whole but that is not to say there aren’t career opportunities. Some of the strongest industries are automotive manufacturing, bio-science, engineering, ICT, medical research, and of course, tourism. A fun fact is that Adelaide is the world’s largest producer of opals. So, there is plenty of gorgeous jewellery around. Education and healthcare jobs are particularly sought after in Adelaide, attracting a comparatively higher wage rate than other industries.

Food And Wine

Speaking of popular industries, wine is at the top of the list! South Australia actually produces 65% of the country’s wine exports. That means if you love wine touring and sampling, you want to be in Adelaide! And you are going to want some tasty food to pair with that wine!

Luckily, you will be well taken care of as a foodie in Adelaide. Try Rundle Street, just out of the city centre which is almost exclusively restaurants, or The Gouger Street precinct which is packed with eateries too. Also worth a look is the Central Market which hosts 80 stalls of amazing fresh produce all under one roof.

The Traffic

If you are a Kiwi from one of the main city centres you will be very familiar with traffic jams. You will be very pleased to know that traffic jams are a rare sight in Adelaide, even in rush hour. That alone could be reason enough to move there! They call themselves the “20-minute city”, meaning that it should only take 20 minutes to get anywhere in Adelaide. Sometimes this can stretch to the 30-min mark, but that is still pretty good by NZ standards!

If you don’t feel like driving, then you can utilise Adelaide’s well run public transport system. The major routes frequently have buses running and in the city centre, there is free bus travel. If you are a regular user of public transport, you can buy a metro-card which offers cheaper fares on buses, trains and trams.

With over 200,000 journeys made on public transport every day, it is a well used network that connects the key areas of the city together.

Adelaide, Australia… not a city you can cover in just one article! There are so many amazing things to explore and do. One thing is certain, you will certainly not regret relocating there.

When moving overseas, there are a lot of things to think about. if you need help moving your personal items, then get in touch with us here at Crown Relocations. Call us on: 0508 227 696 or request a free online quote today and start planning your move to Adelaide, Australia.

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