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5 Reasons to Move To Auckland

Home to more than 1.5 million people, New Zealand’s largest city is bursting with culture, charm and coolness! It is part of the “Golden Triangle” along with Hamilton and Tauranga. Why the Golden Triangle? The three cities make up a triangle of economic growth and residential development. It is predicted that these three areas combined will be home to 53 percent of NZ’s population by 2031. If you are considering a move to Auckland, our most multicultural city, here are five reasons to tempt you to relocate there.

1) There Is Top Education

Whether you are looking for primary, secondary, or university level education, this city should be at the top of your list. The region offers hundreds of schools, including many of the best in the country, and ranks highly on the world stage.

Auckland University is rated as New Zealand’s best (and largest) tertiary institution. It currently sits at number 88 out of the world’s top 1000. There are plenty of options for younger students too. 14 of NZ’s top 20 schools are found here! With a mixture of state-funded, partially-funded and private schools, you can be assured you are getting the best on offer.

Don’t forget about preschool level too! There are hundreds of amazing kindergartens, daycares, and play centres all over the city.

2) The Weather Is Just Right

If you are a bit like Goldilocks and don’t like your temperatures too hot or too cold, Auckland is the perfect spot to settle down. Summer temperatures sit at around 25 degrees during the day, sometimes climbing up towards 30 in the peak of summer. There is a good amount of sun throughout the day so you can head out and explore the amazing outdoor life on offer.

Winters are far from cold (by international standards). There are no signs of snow, just some frost in the mornings in the deep of winter. In general, you will enjoy crisp days of around 11 degrees Celsius. Overnight, the temperature can get down to 2 degrees, but only on the really chilly nights.

Auckland is prone to four seasons in one day, with a lot of rain in Spring and Winter so don’t forget to pack your raincoat or umbrella.

3) You Are Never Far From A Beach

Three harbours and more than 29,000 kilometres of coastline mean you don’t have to look far to find a deserted stretch of sand to relax on!

The City of Sails offers endless marine adventures, and enough beaches for you to explore on every weekend off and still discover hidden gems. From the inner-city shores of Mission Bay to the wild black sands of the west coast there is plenty of variety. Not to mention the gorgeous family-friendly beaches of the Hibiscus Coast too!

Pack a picnic and your jandals for a great day out, or chuck on your walking shoes for an excellent way to get in a bit of exercise. You will never get sick of exploring Auckland’s incredible coast.

4) Choose Your Lifestyle

Auckland is made up of four key regions, each with its own special vibe.

Don’t want to live in suburbia? No problem, head out west to the rainforest coated hills of the Waitakere Ranges. From the beachy lifestyle of the North Shore to the metropolitan vibes of the central city, you can choose to live in a neighbourhood that suits your lifestyle.

If you need a change of scene, your day trip opportunities are abundant. Pop across to Waiheke Island to sample some wine, hike one of the city’s many volcanoes, or chill at one of the thousands of cafes with a top notch cup of coffee (or a freak shake!).

5) You Can Experience The World Without Leaving The City

Statistics tell us that out of every five Aucklanders, two were born overseas! Auckland is the largest Polynesian city in the world, and also one of the most multicultural. This diversity provides endless opportunities to experience new cultures and cuisines. Got a hankering for a curry, a Pad Thai, or fried rice? You will find pretty much any cuisine you are after throughout the city. But it is not just the food that is multi-national. There are plenty of events year-round too. From Diwali and the Pacifica Festival to international sporting events, there is plenty of culture to experience. Then there are the boat shows, art and film festivals, and big-name artists performing at the world-class event centres.

If you are moving within New Zealand, then Auckland might just be the city for you!

Move to Auckland

Moving house is hard enough when you are just shifting suburbs. But if you are moving cities or islands then you are going to need some relocation help. Planning a move to Auckland? Get in touch with us here at Crown for a free moving quote for your house relocation, storage, and insurance. Call our friendly team today on: 0508 227 696

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