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The best towns to live in the USA

Moving to the USA? Most people dream of living in big cities – the fast-paced life, close proximity to great restaurants, social amenities and schools are all too enticing to ignore.

However, if you are raising a young family, you may want to live in a smaller town with a slower pace but still comfortable and easy on your budget. The good news is that there are many charming towns in the USA that will offer you plenty to love and enjoy as a resident. Small towns are not just great for weekend escapes, they are also great to settle down in.

To help you find the right town, we have compiled a list of some of the prettiest towns in America, they are all peaceful, quiet, lively and affordable:

1. Concord, Massachusetts

Concord is a history-rich suburb of Boston, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. It is a picturesque community with open spaces, family-owned farms and thriving commercial hubs. Although classified a small town, there are many Concord events that this town has to offer! You will definitely enjoy its dense suburban feel, quality coffee shops and restaurants, and beautiful parks nearby. Public schools in this neighborhood are unsurprisingly rated very highly.

2. Carmel-by-the Sea, California

Also simply known as Carmel, is a city in Monterey County, California. Since the early 1900’s, Carmel has become the place to be for artists, photographers, writers and any visitors who want to be inspired! The streets of Carmel bring the Hollywood feeling to life. The architecture here is unique and beautiful. It won’t be complete if you’re in California and not have a beach! Carmel Beach is not only the most scenic and an attraction for people, it is a canine paradise too!

3. Essex, Connecticut

Dubbed ‘The Perfect Small American Town’, this attractive seaport town is located along the Connecticut River and is one of the best places to live in Connecticut. Essex offers the perfect mix of history, life and adventure that make it so easy to settle in to! It is characterised by charming galleries, boutique shops and the Connecticut River Museum. This is also the only region in the USA where you can experience the steam-train-to-riverboat ride.

4. Camden, Maine

This seaside town is described as ‘Jewel of the Maine Coast’! Sandwiched between Portland and Bar Harbor, Camden has some of the most stunning landscapes in the whole of Maine. If you’re an outdoor adventurer, this would be an ideal town. There is something for everyone in Camden, from downtown strolling and exquisite dining, to water adventures, beaches and great hiking trails, they are all here for the whole family to enjoy. During the summer months, the town population can more than triple due to tourists and summer vacationists. Although a popular coastal town, real estate in Camden is still appealing for home buyers!

5. Ouray, Colorado

If you are looking for a beautiful yet relaxed life, this is your ideal town. Unlike many other towns, Ouray, also known as the ‘Switzerland of America’, is surrounded by mountains and serene landscapes where you can go hiking right in your backyard or enjoying a relaxing soak in one of the many hot springs in the area. The tranquility and peace that oozes in all neighborhoods of Ouray will inspire a new perspective on life.

6. Beaufort, South Carolina

This is one of the oldest towns in the USA, but the population here is very youthful. The town is characterised by abundant antebellum homes as well as massive outdoor life. The residents in Beaufort is very proud of their natural environment and the accessibility to walking trails, beaches, parks or the historic downtown district. You will never lack a water sport be it fishing or boating to engage in on this side of South Carolina if you move here.

7. Crystal River, Florida

Gem of the nature coast! Crystal River is a place synonymous to water. Boating, kayaking, paddle boarding, diving, and fishing activities are in abundance here. Tourists come here to swim with manatees, so you can say that this is a pretty busy town. Crystal River’s adventure does not end on the river trail, you will enjoy the care-free sidewalks of downtown district and find delightful surprises in every shop window! The town is also home to Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park where you can discover the wild-side of Florida!

8. Gatlinburg, Tennessee

The mountains are waiting! Gatlinburg is home to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and has a rich history that you would enjoy discovering as a resident. You and your family can ‘have it all’ in Gatlinburg with all that it has to offer! The environment here is quiet and peaceful. There are many adventures and cultural attractions such as the Hollywood Star Cars Museum, the Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum and a Space Needle that’s 400-feet in height.

9. Warsaw, Indiana

Life in this beautiful and historic town is slow-paced, but the infrastructure is as great as any city you’d think of. Many families and young professionals live in Warsaw, and if you’re a shopaholic, you will not want to miss a shopping spree in this town. The town stays true to its roots as a place for community gatherings, live concerts and performances as well as cultural festivals throughout the year. With an abundance of open spaces locals love spending time enjoying the beautiful outdoor.

10. Bristol, Rhode Island

This waterfront town is situated between Providence and Newport. With miles of coastline and numerous parks, Bristol is one of Rhode Island’s most prominent boating communities and is an excellent choice for a variety of outdoor activities. The town is characterised by rich nautical heritage and picture-perfect neighborhoods. It also offers a diverse cultural experience and beckons with authentic atmosphere that delight its residents and visitors all year round!

11. Ketchum, Idaho

The city of Ketchum has a rich history in mining and sheep ranching. Today, it is an ideal destination for skiers and outdoor enthusiasts. With beautiful trails and campgrounds close to town, quick access to the mountains and a vibrant downtown, Ketchum is definitely a ‘gold mine’ for its residents and visitors alike. If you like a little bit of history, the grave-site of Ernest Hemingway, the legendary author, is found here too. Ketchum is big on festivals and celebrations – from lively music concerts, sporting and wellness events, to wine auctions and the annual ‘Trailing of the Sheep Festival’, you will love the togetherness and social interactions and will feel right at home with the locals!

There are many other ideal small towns in America, but we hope this list will help you get started. Moving house is hard enough when you are just shifting suburbs. But if you are moving internationally, then you are going to need some relocation help.

Whether you have a full household, a small shipment or would like information on any of our services including insurance, storage, pet relocations, immigration, settling in programmes and more, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Crown. Request a free moving quote online or call our friendly team today on: 0508 227 696

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