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Health & Safety at Work Week 2021

Crown Worldwide is committed to providing healthy & safe working environments for all its employees wherever they are in the world. This week is Crown’s ‘Health & Safety at Work Week’, a time when we place a special focus on engaging staff to be proactive around their work environment to recognise and prevent hazards and learn how to respond to crises appropriately.

Recently we had the opportunity to catch-up with Gerard Robbins our Site Health & Safety Manager …

Gerard Robbins | Site H&S Manager | Crown Worldwide

Site Health & Safety Manager Gerard Robbins

Q: Tell us about your role 
A: My role covers a large scope of Health & Safety from managing the H&S policies and procedures to identifying and conducting risk assessments. I travel quite a bit every week to our operational sites around the country to support the branch managers and field staff in Health & Safety matters. Tristan Cavanagh, the Operations Training Manager and I work very closely together to map out training materials for the Ops teams emphasising on H&S issues while on the job.


Q: Tell us about your working day
A: My day usually starts with checking any incidents that are reported, looking at what lead to the incident occurring and how can it be prevented from happening again. Some days, I attend and provide local H&S Committee and Toolbox meetings to stay acquainted with policy changes or updates. While onsite, I complete Job Safety Observations – what’s working well, what’s not working so well, what could be improved, and then respond to any Health and Safety feedback from ops staff.


Q: Why is workplace safety so important?
A:‘So we can get home safely’. If things are done safely at work and we watch out for one another, we can all go home and do what we enjoy. If we’re hurt, it not only impacts us – it also affects those around us. This is our No.1 goal for having a comprehensive Health & Safety at Work ‘checks & balances’ in place.


Q: How can we all play a part in ensuring our own well-being, health & safety in the workplace no matter where we operate?
A: Keep physically and mentally fit – eat healthy foods, keep hydrated, have a good night’s sleep, do regular exercises, keep a good work / life balance and remember to have time for yourself.


Q: Your top advice for all Crown staff regarding workplace health & safety…
A: Plan your task before starting – look for any potential risks that could cause harm, put controls in place to reduce the likelihood of an incident occurring.

Thank you for your time Gerard and sharing insight to Health & Safety in the workplace.

Kia Kaha!


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