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Crown Workspace joins the Sustainable Business Network

As a global crisis looms and focus shines firmly on the future of our planet, sustainability is the word on everyone’s lips. On a daily basis, questions are being asked about how we can do things better and how we can preserve our world for future generations.

At Crown Workspace, sustainability is not just a buzzword. It is something we take very seriously and it is an essential part of all our business practices.
Shine a light on any of our divisions, systems, and processes, and you will see evidence of our efforts to positively address environmental issues by lowering consumption, reusing materials, and recycling.

As part of our green focus, Crown Workspace proudly joined the NZ Sustainable Business Network in October 2019. Read on to discover how we are working towards our sustainability goals.

What Is The Sustainable Business Network?

With more than 600 organisations, the Sustainable Business Network is NZ’s largest, and oldest sustainable business organisation. They aspire to connect, empower, and support organisations with the aim of helping NZ become a more sustainable nation.

The network’s concept of “empowering business so people and nature prosper” really spoke to us here at Crown. We hold the same goals and want to do our part to protect our beautiful planet.

Being a part of this network will allow us access to resources, events and projects. That will allow us to collaborate with other thought leaders and share our stories, actions, and advice with like-minded collaborators. In short, we can make even more of a difference.

How Can A Business Relocation Company Become Sustainable?

We believe that any business has the power to improve their sustainability, regardless of what industry they are in. Crown Workspace specialises in office and commercial moving, transportation, warehousing, and business relocations. These key areas provide plenty of opportunities for sustainability initiatives, such as:

Environmentally friendly cartonless relocation systems

Instead of using cartons, we can use 100% recyclable crates for packing and transporting office equipment, documents, or any other precious cargo.

Disposal and recycling services

We help businesses who want to dispose of their surplus or out of date IT equipment, furniture, documents, etc. With the aim of zero waste to landfill, we recycle and reuse these items through auctioning or donating them to local community groups and schools.

Rail and shipping for long-distance relocations

Shifting from moving trucks to more efficient options like KiwiRail or coastal shipping results in significant fuel emission reductions.

Transitioning to lower-emission vehicles

Changing to hybrid cars brings a 70 percent improvement in petrol consumption compared to more old-school, petrol-powered vehicles.

Using recycled packing materials

We aim to get as close as possible to 100% recycled packing material and are approaching our goals on this. The latest cartons produced have at least 92% recycled content.


Every branch throughout NZ prioritises the retrieval and sorting of packaging materials for recycling or reuse.

Energy saving

All branches have committed to at least 12 percent savings annually in electricity consumption. This is done using eco-friendly lighting and other innovative initiatives.

FIL Furniture Division

Our 100% owned FIL Furniture Division has sustainability as its very backbone. We take second-hand furniture to reuse, upcycle, or remodel it. This circulatory economy engineering means less destruction of virgin resources, less manufacturing, and less waste to landfill.

For businesses that want to be more sustainable, FIL Furniture offers ethical, cost-effective solutions. As upcycling specialists, we take unwanted or unusable office furniture and repurpose it. The result is a better quality product that then goes back up the supply chain.

If you are looking for ways that your business can be more sustainable, then Crown Workspace is the right sustainable choice. Contact us today, phone: 0508 227 696 complete a quote form online or email: [email protected]

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