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Crown Worldwide NZ Achieves Silver EcoVadis Status

Crown NZ achieves EcoVadis Silver Medal

We were delighted to achieve Silver EcoVadis status recently. As you might know sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do and we believe that it is the responsibility of all businesses to look after the wellbeing of the planet.

Receiving the Silver EcoVadis status means that our commitment to sustainability is being recognised on the world stage.


What is EcoVadis?

EcoVadis is a global sustainability ratings platform that assesses and monitors the environmental, social and ethical performance of companies. To date, the organisation has screened over 1.8 million companies worldwide. Of these, over 125,000 companies have been rated from over 180 countries and more than 200 varied industries.

Through its ratings, EcoVadis enables companies to manage their sustainability risk and compliance, hit net-zero targets, improve performance, and achieve their sustainability goals.

By achieving Silver, Crown Worldwide NZ is now in the top 8 percent of companies rated by EcoVadis in our industry and in the top 25 percent of all companies globally. This means that we have achieved high ratings in four categories including the environment, ethics, labour and human rights and sustainable procurement.


Navigating Sustainability in the Transport Industry

Transport companies, especially those in the business of removals and relocations, need to focus on and use sustainable practices to balance their carbon emissions due to reliance on fossil fuels.

Our vision is to achieve zero waste and net zero emissions by 2040. We decided in 2008 to prioritise the use of rail for long-distance moves and relocations, resulting in the elimination of more than 5000 truck journeys every year and lowering emissions.

We have also integrated hybrid and electric vehicles into our fleet, further reducing our impact. But, that’s just the start.

We have implemented a Sustainable Procurement Policy to assist us in making better purchasing decisions. We recycle used materials, removing Crown packaging from sites for re-use. We refurbish used furniture and supply it to charities, schools and non-profit organisations, with two of our branches having their own sustainability stations to facilitate this.

On top of that, we place a strong emphasis on giving back to the communities in which we operate by supporting charities and providing staff with two days of  paid volunteer leave each year.


Sustainable Transport Methods

Transport companies, especially those in the business of removals and relocations use a variety of different transport methods. These include:

  • Road
  • Rail
  • Air
  • Sea

To reduce carbon emissions as much as possible when utilising road transport, companies should consider investing in hybrid or electric vehicles, as a minimum prioritise more fuel-efficient trucks.

But, using rail instead of road transport whenever possible goes a long way in reducing carbon emissions. So, this should be a strong consideration for all transport companies.

Another viable solution to more sustainable practices is to opt for sea transport instead of air. To make this method of transport more sustainable, companies can prioritise the use of shared containers whenever possible.

If all companies within the transport industry were to adopt the sustainability practices mentioned above, it would go a long way to reducing the impact our industry currently poses, we should all feel obligated to minimise the very negative effects of climate change.


A Note from Our Managing Director

"It was important for Crown to receive an EcoVadis rating to gain a clear and independent understanding of our strengths and areas for improvement.

Our EcoVadis rating aligns with vision of maintaining leadership in our industry, not only through quality services but also as a genuinely responsible company. People choose to spend money with us not only because they believe we’ll provide a quality service but because we prioritise our impacts and align with their values.

We are passionate about addressing climate change, fostering a workplace culture of trust, collaboration, and achievement, and leaving our communities in a better position than when we entered. We can achieve this by making better purchasing decisions and aligning ourselves with partners that hold similar principles.

Our silver medal, places us in the 84th percentile in our market. Our highest-performing themes were Environment and Ethics, a reflection that we are already on the right path.

EcoVadis has provided us with a roadmap for improvement. We will aim to enhance our score each year, using our results to guide progress within the pillars of our Sustainability Framework, while continuously minimising our impact.

Completing the assessment highlighted the importance of documenting and promoting what we are doing well. Often if you know you’re already achieving in particular area, you can overlook giving it the praise it deserves.

My advice to other companies would be to take time with the questionnaire, ensuring a full understanding of the questions and methodology. Start tracking your existing strengths and be transparent – if you do this you will get the most value from the assessment as it will provide you with a clear overview of what you’re doing well and where you need to improve."

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