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Culture, coffee and sports reign supreme in Melbourne. Attracting people from all around the world, it is the fastest growing city in the country. So, it is no surprise that Kiwis are embracing it as their new home. And what’s not to love? With so much to do, you are quite literally spoiled for choice in this modern city.

Here are our top five things Kiwis love about Melbourne, Australia.

1: You Will Never Be Bored!

For many New Zealanders, Melbourne’s climate will be quite familiar. It will certainly keep you on your toes! Melbourne’s weather is almost identical to ours with warm, sunny summers, and cool winters with a lot of rain. Just like Crowded House, they also experience Four Seasons in One Day!

You will need to learn to keep a jacket, umbrella, jumper and a swimsuit in the boot of your car or in your backpack “just in case”! Wearing layers is the key. Temperatures reach into the 30’s in the summertime and drop as low as 2°C in winter. So there is a big range to cover.

But it is not just the weather that is diverse, the people are too. With a population of 4 million people, there are plenty of varying cultures that add to the colour and vibrancy of the city. There is a large multi-cultural influence, and the streets are full of friendly, welcoming people from all walks of life. Every culture from Western and Eastern European to Asian and Middle Eastern (and of course Australians and Kiwis) are represented in this culturally diverse city.

Melbourne is a great place in itself and you will find lots to do in the city. But just outside the reaches of the CBD are plenty of amazing day trip destinations and awesome surf beaches. You will never be bored with so much to do and see, not to mention the range of people to meet.

2: Sporting Madness!

Melbournites are sports mad! The city goes crazy for AFL, also known as Aussie Rules. This sport was concocted to keep cricket players fit during off season, but somehow it took off and is arguably just as popular as cricket now.

Once the AFL season finishes, the sporting season then moves onto Spring Carnival Racing. Enjoy tickets to an action-packed racing calendar that includes one of the biggest racing events in the world – the Melbourne Cup. Then, cricket season rolls around and the MCG is packed to the max. Slotted in there is soccer season and the F1 Racing in March. Before you know it, you are back to AFL season again.

The sporting action does not stop all year round!

3: Great Living

Did you know that Melbourne was named the most liveable city in the world for seven years in a row? That is a pretty impressive statistic!

Every corner of the city has a new surprise for you. Every neighbourhood is diverse and ready to be explored. From historic homes to modern builds, museums to hot new bars, parks to urban jungles, and street art on every corner, you could spend every day adventuring.

If you ever get bored of exploring, you can also turn to world class shopping, eating out, picnicking by the Yarra River, or going to a sports game. Getting to any of these places will be easy by tram, train, bus or car.

St Kilda is a firm favourite when it comes to lifestyle. Located only 5 km from the CBD, there are parks, education facilities and a beach within walking distance. But you do pay for the privilege of living in Melbourne’s iconic suburb.

Spotswood, Seaholme, Williamstown and Windsor are slightly further from the city, but still offer great living. If you are looking for somewhere more affordable, then outer eastern suburbs are perfect for raising a family if you don’t mind a bit of a commute.

4: Coffee, Culture and Cocktails

The three most important C’s are covered off in this great city. You will probably end up drinking more than you have ever consumed in your life. Whether it is coffee during the day, or wine, beer and cocktails at night. Melbournites are not often without some kind of trendy drink in hand when they are out and about.

Coffee is life in Melbourne! Not just a recreational choice, it seems to be ingrained in the city’s culture. There are literally thousands of coffee shops and cafes dotted around the region that will give you an excellent caffeine hit any time you need it. Even if you aren’t particularly partial to coffee, there are plenty of flavoured teas, hot drinks and novelty milkshakes to keep you happy.

They say location is everything and the city is surrounded by some fantastic vineyards and breweries. Victoria is well known for its wine production, and you don’t have to travel far to enjoy a drop or two right from the source.

The third C is Culture, and there is plenty of that. In fact, Melbourne is the cultural capital of Australia. The Museum and the National Gallery are great places to start, the gallery has exhibited artistic greats like Van Gogh and Andy Warhol in the past! But you don’t have to visit the gallery to see great art, it is right there in the streets.

More than artwork, Melbourne is also known as the birthplace of Australian Contemporary Dance, and was the second city to be declared as the UNESCO city of literature.

5: Strong Economy

Melbourne is Australia’s fastest growing city. In fact, there are literally not enough people available to feed its growing economy. It needs around 35,000 new people from overseas every year to keep up with the skill shortage. That means opportunity for you! Especially as a number of global businesses are setting up shop in the CBD, creating more and more jobs.

This strong economy is run by savvy technology. So it is no surprise that Melbourne is the tech capital of the country.

If Melbourne, Australia sounds like the city for you then get in touch with us here at Crown Relocations for a free, no obligation removals quote. Whether you have a little or a lot, we can help you settle into your new life in Melbourne, Australia. Call our friendly team on: 0508 227 696 or email: [email protected]


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