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Retire in Style to the Sunshine Coast!

After decades of working long hours at work and even longer hours at home raising families, almost-retirees should bask in the delight of dreaming about what they’re going to — or, perhaps more appropriately, what they’re not going to do — once they hit retirement age.

For many, retirement equals permanent rest and relaxation. When thinking about the perfect place to retire to, then, the Sunshine Coast epitomises R&R to a tee. In fact, Noosa which is located in the north of the Sunshine Coast, is the third most-popular retirement destination in Queensland with more than 23 percent of its residents retired and aged over 65.

Still on the fence? Here are a few reasons why moving to Australia and retiring on the Sunshine Coast could the perfect decision for you.

1. Chilled Atmosphere

While the Gold Coast is famed far and wide for its vibrant lifestyle and party atmosphere, the Sunshine Coast is perfect for people who are looking for calm and serenity. Every day on the Sunshine Coast is like being on an endless relaxing holiday. Easy access to some of the most stunning beaches in Australia combined with the chilled-out lifestyle of the locals combine to create an ideal retirement destination for Kiwis and Aussies alike.

2. Close to the Coast

Speaking of which, it doesn’t matter where you live on the Sunshine Coast, chances are you’ll be a hop, skip and a jump away from the beach. Noosa Heads, Mooloolaba and ‘Australia’s Tidiest Town’ Caloundra are friendly villages situated right on the coast, each typified by their own unique personalities.

3. Comfortable Climate

In the same way the Sunshine Coast’s climate is one of the main appeals for holidaymakers to the area, warm summers and mild winters make retirement comfortable and relaxed. Sometimes summers can get hot with temperatures up to the mid-30s, but with the beach so close and air-con in every home, this can only be a plus. The area usually misses major cyclones, although the tropical weather sometimes results in storms towards the end of the day.

4. Lots to See & Do

Aside from the beach, there is always plenty to eat, see and do on the Sunshine Coast. A visit to the Glass House Mountains offers stunning mountainous landscapes, while the Noosa National Park offers plenty of opportunity to get up close and personal with nature. Festivals, concerts, markets and other local events are common occurrences in the area, and there’s a wide range of dining destinations to suit all levels of budget.

5. Range of Housing Options

Whether you’re looking to buy your own independent home outright or immerse yourself in the Sunshine Coast’s already-thriving retirement village scene, there are plenty of options to suit a range of budgets. In 2017, the median price of standalone homes in the area sat at A$563,264 while units hovered around A$387,793. To explore retirement home possibilities, partner with an experienced company like which will provide a range of options based on preferences and affordability.

Planning your retirement is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make, so it pays to take your time and do your research. If you’re planning to move to Australia to retire, have a chat with the friendly moving company Crown Relocations who will help you with everything involved with moving overseas, including furniture removals, international shipping, storage and insurance.

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